The crucial role played by digital signage in product promotion cannot be denied. Digital signage is an effective method for communicating your message to the targeted audience. From influencing point-of-purchase decision-making in retail stores to providing wayfinding maps for visitors, this infographic explains how digital signage and wayfinding solutions have become a useful business tool. There is no better way to grab the attention of consumers than by installing a moving, flashing digital sign to advertise your product. This does not discard the traditional tried and true mediums, but the great and lasting effect of digital signage on consumers has been shown by studies.

Just as websites and brochures are important for your business, digital solutions are essential to solve a wide range of communication and business problems. Digital signage can be used to get messages across to customers or even achieve your organization’s goal such as increasing revenue stream and creating brand engagement. Digital signage can not only deliver your message at the right time and place but also provide greater cost savings and flexibility over traditionally printed posters and notice boards. Multi-zone content channels, unique intelligent file-transfer mechanism, easy-to-use web user interfaces; all these features of digital solution make creating, publishing and managing content easy and simple. A study report has found that digital video in public venues reaches more audience each month than online videos. The same study has shown that nearly 1 in 5 of those who have seen an ad via digital signage has made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on a screen.

Wayfinding, as its name suggests, is a solution to assist people in finding their way in public spaces by portraying clear, directional guidelines to various destinations. Even some of the wayfinding units are also capable to provide additional information about the facility and even information about the location including city/town parking, landmarks, etc. The smart and effective use of digital signage has resulted in increased usage in various industries including healthcare, retail, for event and recreation venues such as concert halls, parks, and stadiums. It can be used by a single business or cover several multi-purpose buildings on one site such as on a university campus.

Some of the benefits of these products include –

  • It reduces the time spent to look out for a particular location
  • It eliminates the cost of printing wayfinding maps every time an update is needed as it facilitates easy upload of updated information
  • There is no deterioration as is common for traditional wayfinding static maps due to weather or expected ‘wear and tear’
  • Digital wayfinding makes information about construction, closures or rerouting easy to update
  • It gives a great branding opportunity for organizations by utilizing brand colors and logos
  • Additional information about the company like products and services, or general information about the weather or location-specific news, etc can also be provided
  • Some units can also facilitate the printing of directions.

See the below infographic to learn how you can create your own content, schedule and localize it using digital signage solutions.