With a brilliant track record for providing advanced analytical and material science testing solutions, Dutco Tennant LLC is making headlines for yet again supplying lab FE SEM Equipment to a college in Sharjah.In this project, our scope was installing, supplying, and training people on FE SEM (Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope) Equipment. Our company is a primary analytical solution and material science testing solution dealer in the Middle East and Gulf area.

About FE SEM Equipment:

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) gives images by scanning a substance with a focused beam of electrons. When the electrons interact with atoms in the sample, they generate signals containing data about surface topography and composition. These SEMs can produce images with resolutions ranging from just a few nanometers to the sub-nanometer range.

Block face imaging used in these equipment is fast and suitable method to perform 3D imaging with nanometer resolution. An ultra microtome is used inside the FE SEM Equipment chamber to repetitively cut and image your resin surrounded cell and tissue section. Using these material science testing solution equipment you can produce thousands of serial images in a day. Quality Block face imaging technology delivers perfectly aligned images in the quickest time and in the easiest way.

Your FE-SEMs from Dutco Tennant LLC are ideally suited to give good resolution 3D data. The unique technology delivers clear images in large field views with nanometer resolution. Block face imaging of numerous microns of your sample in one go decreases overlap and saves time. Superior quality FE-SEMs from our supply line lets you do block face imaging of even large samples with wonderful image quality.

Use variable pressure technology to reduce imaging artifacts. Our solutions give best low voltage performance and utmost flexibility. You can now enhance your FE SEM Equipment with Focal Charge Compensation to abolish charging artifacts. Our systems run with brilliant long term constancy without any maintenance need. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading analytical solution and material science testing solution provider in the Middle East and Gulf area.