For fire sprinklers, expansion joints offer them with seismic protection. They are capable of moving in all directions and must be installed anywhere pipe or building movement is expected including thermal growth, seismic, and building settlement. Movement in all directions is accommodated by fire protection loop expansion joints which brings the same seismic protection that is offered in regular loop metro loop expansion joints to this life-safety application. Very much compact, they simplify sprinkler system design and eliminate the requirement for multiple grooved couplings or convoluted joints.  Fire protection expansion joints are placed in any place where movement is expected in seismic applications like the building’s seismic expansion joints. The 180-degree return bend of the loop requires it to be supported for allowing the entire loop to move freely when the loop is installed horizontally or vertically.

In the absence of proper expansion joints in protected walls and ceiling, the degree of fire resistance is considerably reduced. We offer permanently elastic joint elements that feature multi-layer construction and are made up of highly elastic foam with intermediate layers that are made of flexible intumescent material. In cases of sudden fire breakouts, the latter is activated by the effect of heat. It foams up to reliably prevent the joint from burning through. The expansion joint for a fire sprinkler system is an extremely flexible joint which accommodates the movement in all directions and also provides excellent seismic protection. They are UL listed and FM Approved. Anywhere in the building where the sprinkler pipe movement is expected, including thermal growth, seismic, and building settlement.

Let's take a look into our offered fire protection expansion joints -

Braided Loop Joints

The V-Flex and U-Flex assemblies offered by Ayvaz offer highly flexible and reliable connection features for seismic security areas, fire protection lines, dilatation points, and industrial applications. They are used for absorbing movements that are caused by the potential breakdowns and depressions especially where the seismic movements may cause hazardous results. The V-Flex and U-Flex assemblies which are manufactured by Ayvaz with FM certificate prevent structural deformations like breakdowns of rigid connections and cracks by the required flexibility they offer and safe, easy, reliable installation. These assemblies consist of the parallel corrugated metal hose with braiding and carbon steel connection and direction parts likewise elbows and turns at several angles.

Seismic Double Expansion Joints

The gimbal type expansion joints are designed for permitting angular rotation in any plane by the use of two pairs of hinges which are affixed to a common floating gimbal ring. A double gimbal expansion joint simply consists of two single gimbal expansion joints and an intermediate pipe connects them to each other. The advantage of this arrangement is the ability for absorbing a large lateral movement in any plane at each end. Due to the attachment of the gimbals at each end of the bellows, the thermal expansion of the intermediate pipe will not be absorbed by the universal but must be accepted by the adjacent piping.

Dutco Tennant LLC has been a leading supplier of firefighting products in the Middle East and GCC region and has built relationships and partnerships in over 100 countries. We bring to you the products that meet international standards and quality with relevant certifications. All our supplied products are manufactured by some of the most renowned brands of the world using modern and advanced technologies. Having vast experience in industries spread across multiple verticals, and with the aged experience of about 40 years, we have realized the need for other equipment that is required in a project to give the complete project full fire protection. We partner with Ayvaz, the leader in fire protection expansion joints to supply their exceptional products in the Middle East. They have produced the latest technology for 70 years and today our experience can be seen in all of our products and special solutions for clients.