If you are a busy manager and the building owner or body corporate member, then the last thing which you will need is hassles with fire compliance and protection. When it comes about the protection of buildings and other facilities from fire, the main focus lies on the safety of people and finding an alternative to complex and restrictive construction measures. It is important to simply integrate fire fighting systems into building structures and it is another important factor in the decision. When it comes to applications in industries, the primary focus however lies in the protection of material assets. This not just refers to the protected machines, products, and systems themselves, but also in particular to the prevention of long downtimes.

That is where Dutco Tennant LLC can offer to help. We have a complete end-to-end fire protection services with unmatched levels of personal attention and service to detail for achieving your compliance requirements. We try our best to take out the hassle of fire protection with total solutions and expert advice so that you can stop worrying and get on with by doing what you are specialists in. With the help of serviced and functional equipment whenever you require it can mean as a great difference between a major incident and a devastating full-scale fire. We offer a qualified range of fire protection systems for buildings like fire detection alarms, fire doors, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, hose reels, exit lighting, and more. Our supplied solutions are tested and assured.

Some of the cutting edge range of solutions which are offered by us are -

Portable Fire Equipment

With functional and services fire equipment on hand when and where you need it can make a great difference between a minor blaze and a devastating full-scale fire. From fireproof safes to portable fire extinguishers, we have a comprehensive range of high-class fire equipment which offers you a strong first line of difference against fire. With us, you can get Hose reel & cabinets, fire extinguishers, safes, fire blankets & fire-resistant cabinets.

Passive Fire Products

Almost anywhere in any kind of facility, fire can occur but the key for minimizing the risk is to prevent the fire from starting in the first place and stop from spreading. By combining fire doors and frames with passive fire solutions, like fire-rated glazing systems and rated ceilings, makes way for minimizing the spread of harmful flames, smoke, and hot gases throughout your facility.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatically fire can be detected by a sprinkler and it can transmit an alarm for controlling the fire. This can make a big difference between major business shutdowns and minor accidents. Our supplied solutions led by professional project managers, our team designs and installs a commission reliable, cost-effective sprinkler system by carefully analyzing our facility or site in terms of operation, occupancy, and fire risk.

Alarms and Evacuation Systems

Our fire detection systems offer very early detection of even slow smoldering fires and are able to be configured for detecting carbon monoxide (CO), smoke and heat. Sensitive analytic tools mean early detection which is critical for a residential environment.

Fires affect thousands of facilities each year resulting in injury and building damage. Fire is a serious threat to the safety and security of any building. The primary goal of fire safety efforts should be to prevent loss of life and property damage by installing & maintaining reliable fire safety equipment.  Dutco Tennant LLC feels the need for protecting lives and supplies the most advanced range of firefighting solutions ranging from fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fog nozzles, hydrants, firewater storage tanks and other fire protection products to help surpass fire hazards. You can get our products in the Middle East.