It is important and often very tricky to put fire sprinkler heads in the right position. Installers often rely on a series of precisely-measured fittings and hard pipe for connecting the sprinkler heads to their supply of water. In the last decade perhaps, manufacturers are offering an alternative in the form of a flexible metal hose assembly. This article is dedicated to telling you about how this flexible hose for sprinkler line works, why they are faster to install than sprinkler armovers and what are the benefits.

Suspended or false ceilings are often served well by flexible hose for fire sprinklers

A modern office building interior is not that easy to look at as it comes with features like large fluorescent lights, cubicles, and off-white ceiling panels. The function is placed well before form by most of these buildings. But behind those ugly ceiling panels, there lies an even more unsightly network of electrical, plumbing, and fire protection piping which undergirds the efficiency and safety of the modern workplace. A secondary ceiling which is known as a false dropped, or suspended ceiling are formed by these panels. These are a staple in a wide range of buildings like schools, offices, and hotels that use false ceilings largely for convenience. But these ceiling panels can create a lot of problems for fire sprinkler systems as fire sprinklers often make their way via ceiling panels by using a series of fittings and pipes, installers may find the precise placement of sprinkler heads elusive. as the suspended ceilings tend to move after they are put in place because of renovation or normal which causes sprinklers to become misaligned. That is in itself a very serious problem as the rest of the plate between sprinkler heads and the ceiling opening near sprinkler heads can actually allow heat to enter above-ceiling spaces rather than gathering around the sprinklers which causes them to dangerously deploy late.

Firefighting sprinkler flexible hose can easily solve this problem. These assemblies with flexible tubes connect rigid branch lines which are the pipes that supply water directly to sprinklers to sprinkler heads in the simplest possible way. While traditional piping systems remain rigid, these flexible tubes make way for sprinklers to move along with suspended ceilings. These benefits have made them very common in large-scale fire sprinkler installations for airports, malls, and other large scale buildings.

Flexible fire sprinklers can be installed much faster than rigid sprinkler removers

Often, the pendant fire sprinkler heads connect to branch pipes by using a piping arrangement that is known as a sprinkler arm over. These removers use a tee and a series of elbows and solid pipes for properly positioning pendant sprinklers. These assemblies may require fire code for some fire sprinkler systems for preventing the accumulation of dirt, water or moisture like the ponds supply sprinkler systems or when using dry-pipe systems. In simpler terms, sediment and moisture build-up are resisted by sprinkler armovers that makes it easier for precisely placing the sprinkler heads and can simply some remodels. Standard sprinkler armovers though common can still be costly. One return bend may comprise several elbows, short pipes, and other fittings which makes the installation a labor-intensive process. This is the place where the flexible sprinkler hose comes in with a complete and flexible assembly which allows installers to replace these involved piping arrangements with a simple and single device.

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