Sprinklers have been in use for a long time and can be traced back to the ages of the Renaissance. You will be shocked to know that Leonardo Da Vinci tried to make designs and attempts at installing fire sprinklers. Nearly 300 years after that, the first automated sprinkler system was developed and great strides in design have since then come into existence. During the  1800s, fire sprinkler systems were manually operated and they used perforated pipes. By the end of the 19th century, an automated fire sprinkler system was designed and patented which is still in use.

An automated sprinkler system is capable of detecting fire and then it promptly triggers an alarm that discharges water instantly. There are several types of fire sprinklers that can be found in the market today who are designed for protecting specific assets. Property owners have the ability to freely shop for a fire sprinkler system of their choice but determining the best solutions for their space requires them to take the help of experts. So here we list down all the types of fire sprinklers in UAE.

Wet pipe sprinklers

This is the most common type of sprinkler and by the basic term, most people refer to this one only. This is mainly because of their commonality. They are used by most of the property owners for ensuring that their buildings are safe from fire destruction. The water remains contained in the pipes and when fire or smoke is detected, it gets activated. Completely different how it is shown in the movies, wet sprinkler heads do not all go off at once, and rather they are activated individually above the direct heat source. They have several benefits including -

  •         Easy modification
  •         Low installation and maintenance cost
  •         Simple and reliable

Dry pipe sprinklers

In places where freezing conditions are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, these sprinklers are recommended for use. They are perfect for parking garages, loading docks, refrigeration storage, or attics. In cases where a wet system is filled with water constantly, a dry system comprises pressurized air or nitrogen which is maintained inside the pipes. A dry valve is held closed by the compressed air which holds back water from entering the pipe until heat activates one or more sprinkler heads. One main benefit of a dry sprinkler system is avoiding frozen pipes which may lead to larger and more expensive problems like leaks or freeze breaks. Though these systems are complex when compared to wet pipe systems and can also have a much higher price.

Pre-action sprinklers

This type is used in areas that require minimal water damage and places having high-value assets. These sprinklers can have the operation which is much more similar to dry pipe in which they contain nitrogen and air which is maintained in a pressurized environment. The main difference is the type of valve which holds the water back. In pre-action fire sprinklers in UAE, the valve is controlled electrically. There are two types of pre-action sprinkler systems which are double and single interlock. Activation occurs within the release of the detection system. The air and nitrogen are maintained by the system and it does not leak unless there is system activation. In double interlock, the sprinkler system only releases water when the events occur in any order.


Foam water sprinklers

This is used in places which have hazardous commodities like flammable liquids or other chemicals. The foam is mixed with water blankets the fire which smothers the oxygen which supports burning. Depending on the hazard type and facility type, there are several types of foams that are used according to the applications.

When you install the right sprinkler in your facility, then a lot of difference can occur in protecting the people and the property. Dutco Tennant LLC can help you with all types of fire sprinklers in UAE. We are the largest supplier of the region and we bring to you the best in class range from the house of Frischhut.