Jabra in association with Dutco Tennant LLC along with Microsoft, Lenovo and Sharp/NEC launches the world’s first ever Hybrid Work Experience Centre (HWEC) in Dubai Design District (D3). The elaborate centre recently opened its doors for the public to offer them a true experience of the flexible hybrid work models.

Over the past few years companies around the world have adopted the hybrid work model as their temporary solution to combat the situation created by the pandemic. The results of such a modern-day work model has been quite impressive and keeping that in mind Jabra in collaboration with Dutco Tennant LLC launches the HWEC at the Bene showroom in Dubai.

The HWEC brings together the best in the business technologies and workplace partners in a 10-vendor collaborative experience. As the centre is now open to the public, the visitors will now have the opportunity to get the taste of how the office of the future will be.

In this blog we enumerate the possibilities that this HWEC can offer and also discuss how the hybrid work model could be the future of the workspace environment. Keep reading till the end to find out all.

Significance of Hybrid Model for Future Workspace

As the pandemic hit the world, offices quickly switched to remote workspace environments to continue their operations. However, as the situation began to change it was observed that the hybrid work model was becoming more fitting for all.

Businesses as well as the employees were able to enjoy great perks from having access to varied kinds of workspaces. In fact, when given a choice, employees show more enthusiasm towards a hybrid working model as their standard working arrangement.

As a matter of fact, as per the latest research conducted by Jabra on this very topic, it was found that almost 68% of employees consider having a combination of working remotely and working from office. The professionals are aware that the hybrid work model allows them to have the privilege of working collaboratively with socialisation involved and more focus while also able to maintain the work-life balance.

What Does HWEC Offer?

Keeping this sudden boost of workspace environment trend in mind, Jabra and Dutco Tennant LLC along with Microsoft, Lenovo and Sharp/NEC launched the HWEC that provides decision makers, end users, consultants and system integrators the extraordinary chance of having first-hand experience in the hybrid work model.

The visitors will know what to expect from such a model and even get the opportunity to talk to expert partners for advice and solutions with which they can design their own project. The centre showcases some of the best and innovative technologies and solutions that would help the interested parties to create their very own hybrid workspace environment.

Some of the technologies that are being showcased at the Hybrid Work Experience Centre are - Microsoft Teams Room System, Jupiter Pana Screens, Jabra PanaCast Video Conferencing Solutions, Bene Workplace Furniture and more.

Dutco Tennant LLC has been pleased to be a part of such collaborative initiative and serving as the leading business distribution partners.