When you are designing or working on a new building project, then you must devote a huge part of your budget and attention to creating a fire safety plan. Making a fire safety plan does not just means installing some sprinkles here and there along with some fire alarms. When you are working on such a project, then you should keep in mind that you are dealing with the safety of several people and the entire business. No one can predict a fire hazard as they can happen at any time due to any accidental fault. So, the best way to prevent this evil to arise and cause destruction is to take the necessary precautions beforehand. For that, you will need much more than just some sprinklers and it is best to opt for a professional expert like Dutco Tennant LLC. We supply the most advanced range of breeching inlet in the Middle East and UAE.

So what are these Breeching Inlets and why should you use them? They are installed outside the building or any easily accessible area in the building which makes it easier for the fire brigade personnel to access the inlet. Fire brigade personnel access the waterline using it. Normally it remains dry but is used by pump water by charging using fire fighting equipment. Fire brigade breeching inlet should definitely be installed in a building fitted with inlet connection at Civil Defense access level and outlet connection at specified points, which is normally dry but capable of being charged with water by pumping from fire service appliances. Normally there are two types of inlet breeching available, one is 2-way another is 4-way. The 2-way version has 2 x 2½” Instantaneous male non-return valve inlets and a 4″ outlet while the  4-way inlet breeching has 4 x 2½” Instantaneous male non-return valve inlets and a 6 outlet along with 1″ drain valve.

Breeching inlets are mostly suitable for installation on dry risers only. They are manufactured with care for complying with safety standards comprising of male instantaneous connections, drain valves, and non-return valves. The breeching inlets and its fittings are suitable for a normal working pressure of 10 bar. Materials which are used for manufacturing the breeching inlets conforms to the standard requirement. The body is cast out from spheroidal graphite iron and the inlets are made of gunmetal and copper alloy parts with bronze spring, stainless steel locknut, washer, etc. The inside part of the breeching inlet bodies is coated with “black” epoxy cold tar paint which is a good anti-corrosion protection. The inlet blank caps are rubber with chrome chain. You can also get Brass or gunmetal blank caps from us upon request.

Features :

  • Body material made of spheroidal graphite cast iron (Ductile Iron)
  • Inlet connection and non-return valves material made of copper alloy.
  • Each inlet connection is fitted with a non-return valve and of spring-loaded mushroom type.
  • Each breeching inlet is painted RED internally and externally.
  • Compact and elegant design with excellent flow characteristics.
  • High-quality casting finishes.
  • Corrosion-resistant and quality materials used for durability, long-life, and efficiency.
  • Maintenance-free.