It is important for industries to be prepared for responding to fires of compressed gasses, flammable liquid, the release of hazardous materials, petrochemical, rescues, and medical emergencies throughout the oil, pipeline, and port facilities. For preventing catastrophic loss of people, companies, factories, and equipment, these first responders need to have the proper firefighting equipment and advanced training in fire ground tactics. Is your industry safe from fire hazards? If not then it is the time to opt for modern fire fighting equipment for industries.

Since some of the most devastating fire mishaps, technology, education, and training for fire fighting has changed and grown to be more advanced. For addressing the previous issues within a fire event, many public agencies are trying to continuously address for improving responses not just to wildland events, but also for industries and structures. The country is getting helped by research projects within the burn cells and controlled environments for learning more about suppression techniques which will extinguish fires quicker and safer. A standard for meeting post-incidents for reviewing and evaluating the event and what improvements could be done for managing it better in the future is now done by most emergency teams. Adding to that, firefighting has moved into a time period in which new technologies are rapidly progressing and will shape the future of fire safety, prevention, and suppression. Private organizations are working for finding out different extinguishing methods that will use less water and are more portable like an “electrical wave blaster” or “sonic fire extinguishers” which displaces oxygen around flames. Drone technology has moved into the firefighting industry not just as a documentation tool, but thermal imaging cameras are being attached and utilized to identify thermal hotspots and communicate to incident commanders the areas that need focus in extinguishment. We know and feel the importance of proper flow in a fire emergency situation, sustaining life, and protecting property are imperative and of the highest concern. Because of that, our Fire Protection Control Valves are designed to work at emergency full-flow. Our complete line of high performance listed and approved valves are relied upon daily in a variety of businesses in countries all over the Middle East. Dutco Tennant LLC is the brand of choice for professionals in the fire protection industry. Rely on us for gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check valve, Alarm Check valves, Pre Action Deluge Valve, and others.

We offer a wide range of valves for the firefighting industry.

Common types of hose valves include:

  •         Gate Valves - Used to control flow from a fire hydrant or on large pump intakes.
  •         Butterfly Valves - Used in pump discharges, gated wyes, and fire pump piping system
  •         Check Valves - Allows flow in one direction and automatically prevents backflow (reverse flow) when fluid in the line reverses direction.

These are appropriate for municipal, and rural hose applications, our fire protection valves feature superior construction. Our supplied valves are made of lightweight alloys and feature stainless-steel ball shutoff and include self-locking handles. Dutco Tennant, we are providing high-quality firefighting products and solutions for industrial buildings, warehouse applications, and special hazard areas like fuel stations. Our goal is to help maintain the productivity of our customers by keeping all life safety systems running properly and production systems working efficiently. Get the most advanced range of fire fighting equipment for industries from us.