Best quality inventive coupling and buried ball valves were presented for Jumeirah Village Circle & Triangle District Cooling new branch lines and chambers. These were Vexve’s valves, and they have great design features. Dutco Tennant LLC is a famous Valve supplier in the Middle East and GCC area.

Ball valves supplied by us are used in various instrumentation, CNG, control systems, utilities and other applications. To learn more about specific Ball valves please get in touch with us.

About our Coupling & Buried Ball Valves:

Quality ball valves have an encapsulated ball, which removes dead space in the valve. Great class ball valves supplied by us are a good choice for analytical equipment and other applications where purging and cleaning are quite important.

Multipurpose ball valves and low-temperature ball valves have a live-loaded floating ball design which allows the valves to close independent of upstream pressure so that they may be used in various applications than traditional floating ball valves.  These valves have live-loading which compensates for seat wear and decreases actuation torque making them a good option for demanding high-cycle application.  Our low-temperature ball valves have been designed for applications from -40 to 93°C such as high pressure CNG filling uses.

Good quality general utility Ball Valves and coupling offer quick 1/4 turn shut-off and directional flow control of fluids in process systems. The floating ball design enhances sealing pressure as upstream pressure and flow grows. These valves have body and seat material which provides various temperature and pressures at which the valves may function.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides assembled automated valve & coupling MEP equipment for various uses. We also provide Actuators which are available in 90° and 180° double acting, spring to open and close, spring to center actions with various solenoids, limits switches, and other accessories to satisfy your applications’ requirements. We engineer the packages and select components specifically for each valve. The company can assemble packages with customer-specific actuators, solenoids, limit switches and other parts.