Hailed by exhibitors as the perfect platform to source progressive energy solutions, the Middle East Energy is a global energy event with exhibitors and attendees converging from the entire world. It brings together energy manufacturers and suppliers to showcase new technologies and innovative solutions covering the entire energy value chain. This year, Dutco Tennant LLC looks forward to participating in this prestigious event to showcase products and solutions which are intended to benefit the entire utilities sector of the region.

Global Insulator Group is an international manufacturer of glass, composite porcelain insulators, and hardware fittings. With an experience of more than 60 years in the entire worldwide energy market, they produce quality production items. GIS provides the best roof insulationbest insulation for exterior wallshouse insulation materialbest insulation for exterior walls, etc. Other remarkable products include- ball socketceramic wire insulators, etc.

The company’s unique experience and modern technologies guarantee the reliability of all manufacturer products, as well as form the basis for the development of new technical solutions. There are various types of Overhead Line Insulators from Global Insulators Group are prevailing in the world market.

Their products will be supplied exclusively in the Middle East by Dutco Tennant LLC. This year at Middle East Energy, visitors will be guided about Global Insulator Group’s exemplary range of Overhead Line Insulators.

Types of Overhead Line Insulators from Global Insulators Group



Overhead Line Insulators 132/400kV and 11/33kV

If overhead power lines are not insulated properly from their support poles/towers, the current will flow towards the ground through the poles/towers which also become hazardous. In those cases, power lines won’t work and hence overhead power lines are always supported on insulators mounted on their support poles/towers. Linear suspension rod polymer for voltages up to 10 (12) kV is used for insulation and fastening of wires and lightning protection cables of overhead power lines and in power plants and substations of alternating current voltage from 10 to 750 kV with a frequency of up to 100 Hz , at air temperatures from - 60 to +50 C, located at an altitude of up to 3500 m above sea level, in areas with I, II, III, IV degree of air pollution according to GOST 9920-89 (1–7 degree of air pollution according to GOST 28856 -90).

Know more about Overhead Line Insulators from Global Insulators Group at MEE 2020.