Middle East Energy is a prestigious trade fair for the Energy Industry which brings together suppliers like Dutco Tennant LLC and many more leading Power Transmission Companies in UAE, manufacturers, Power Conductor Providers, global experts, Power conductor Manufacturers, governments, procurement, project managers and contractors to drive cost-effectiveness and efficiency and move projects forward. For exhibitors, it is a perfect platform to display their newest products to the global visitors and for visitors, it is a great opportunity to source progressive power solutions at the most competitive prices from 1400+ companies, niche solutions providers and fresh-thinking start-ups. At this grand Global Energy Event 2020 , Dutco Tennant LLC looks forward to displaying its latest line of  Power Transmission Products especially ACCC Conductors which are manufactured by CTC Global, USA.

CTC Global was founded for developing, certifying and deploying advanced technologies that electric utilities could use to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resiliency of the world electric power grid. Till now over 200 companies have selected CTC Global’s products for more than 700 projects in 50+ countries. They are known for their high capacity, low sag conductor solutions. This year at Middle East Energy, you will be demonstrated about the Aluminum Conductor Composite Core at our stall.



ACCC Composite Core from CTC Global

The ACCC Composite Core of CTC Global consists of high-strength carbon and glass fibers embedded in a toughened thermoset epoxy resin matrix. The composite core is manufactured to aerospace quality specifications using a continuous pultrusion process which is developed by highly skilled professionals. The composite core of the ACCC conductor offers strength to weight ratio which approximately six times better than steel, with a coefficient of thermal expansion about ten times lower. The composite core is also impervious to corrosion and cyclic load fatigue.

CTC Global’s ACCC Conductor cores are presently available in 310 and 375 KSI tensile strengths. The higher strength versions which are referred to as ULS offer higher modulus to accommodate longer spans and extreme ice loads. Extra high strength steel is rated at 285 KSI, but is approximately 70 percent heavier than the ACCC Composite Core from CTC Global.

Benefits –

  • With 28% more annealed aluminum in a trapezoidal configuration, the ACCC conductor of the same diameter as ACSR can double the current (ampacity) rating
  • A patented carbon/glass/thermoset resin core is used by ACCC Conductors which provides height strength and reduces height temperature sag.
  • Resists environmental degradation as it does not rust, corrodes or causes electrolysis with aluminum conductors and components.
  • Uses conventional installation methods, tools, and mainly conventional hardware. Requires no special tools and limited special training.