It is generally considered that working in the core engineering sector is extremely bland and boring, but not here at Dutco Tennant LLC where we always consider breaking stereotypes. Since the last four decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been supplying a wide range of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical for the last four decades.

Currently, we are doing business all over the Middle East and GCC region and we feel glad to have made a place of trust inside the hearts of thousands of people due to our exemplary range of products. But above all this, we value our employees because they are the driving force behind our success. We believe that there can be no work without fun as the famous quote – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We always encourage our employees to get out of their desks and indulge in extracurricular activities like Flash MoB, indoor games, sports, music, workshops, and many other fun activities. This keeps our team charged up and motivated to work with more dedication. So at Dutco Tennant LLC, it can be assured that there is always fun at every corner of our office.