Medical Incinerators to safely  dispose of a wide range of clinical waste at source and reduce the risk

We, the residents of UAE should feel very proud to have an excellent and readily available healthcare system which is proving it's worth during this time of crisis. But we must acknowledge the fact that maintaining such a system requires several behind-the-scenes support services which many of us are not even aware of or have been taking for granted. One such service is definitely managing medical wastes. Almost every day a whole bunch of potentially infectious or chemical waste is created which requires special disposal which can include several things like needles, trace chemicals, bloodied supplies, or others. But it is highly important to safely dispose of this huge amount of waste generated and for that hospitals use the process of Medical Waste Incineration.

In the process of Medical waste incineration, specific wastes are burned, like trace chemotherapy, pathological, and non-hazardous pharmaceutical wastes and it is considered to be the most effective and safest means of treatment and it prevents harm to the environment and our health in general. Yes, there are several alternatives to incineration like chemical treatments, autoclaving, or ozone disinfection, but these technologies have been proven to be incapable of completely destroying certain medical wastes, like specific pathological wastes and pharmaceuticals. The COVID-19 outbreak has made it also mandatory in several areas where hospitals need to perform incineration in order to get rid of the daily wastes generated. With the rapid advancements in the medical treatment technologies and higher regulations for proper waste management, the amount of medical waste generated from healthcare is gradually expected to increase.  As a reputed solutions provider of the Middle East, Dutco Tennant LLC supplies a wide range of Medical Waste Incinerators for protecting our communities from harmful chemicals and pathogens and supporting the continuity and reliability of healthcare into the future. From site to site, the hospital waste varies and the biggest challenge that lies is to dispose of this wide range of waste streams using one solution. Incineration is still the number one preferred way for processing Type I to Type IV waste without harming the health of staff, patients, or anyone else who can come into contact with the waste.

Types of waste which you can dispose of with our supplied Incinerator for medical use -

  •         Type I - Type IV Red Bag Waste
  •         Biohazards & Sharps
  •         General Medical Waste
  •         Pathological Waste

Reasons to choose our Medical Incinerator - We supply a highly trusted range of Incinerators which have provided solutions to hospitals and large health clinics around the world for years. We feel the importance of total destruction at source and that is why during the 2 second retention time our medical units reach high temperatures. Our supplied units ensure that at the forefront of all our designs, quality, and performance lies.

Features and Benefits -

  •         Controlled Air Incinerator
  •         Optimal Combustion Conditions for several waste types
  •         Top-Loading Design
  •         Comes with a secondary chamber with afterburner

Application areas - Use our Incinerators for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health Clinics, Mobile Health Camps, Laboratories, pathological testing centers, and more. Have a look at our supplied range of Medical incinerators.