Winning a more project in Saudi Arabia, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied quality material testing equipment to a well-known client. The product is Vibromet 2, which has been manufactured by Buehler, Germany – a leading material testing equipment manufacturer.  This solution is used for metallographic sample preparation, hot mounting and grinder polishers. Vibromet 2 is usually used in material testing and research departments both in enterprises and universities. You can use this machine as a constituent of a multiple-part complex construction process to control the chemical composition and mechanical properties of materials. We are a leading provider of such products.

VibroMet 2 Vibratory Polisher has been designed to make high quality polished surfaces on various materials, including EBSD applications. A device can produce 7200 cycles per minute horizontal motion which causes a very efficient polishing mechanism, offering better results, brilliant evenness and less deformity. Every time is given Safe and Effective results.

You can use this vibratory polisher for removing slight deformations which remain after mechanical work, producing the even surface without using hazardous electrolytes used in electro-polishers.

Unlike conventional vibratory polishing machines, the VibroMet 2 vibrates entirely horizontally, maximizing the time for which the specimen remains in touch with the polishing surface. High-quality surface finish is achieved by this machine. Samples naturally rotate around the polishing basin allowing users to start the system and go on with their other work.

Quality vibratory polishers are supplied by us which may be employed for timed or continuous polishing. Our solutions have been designed to prepare even the hardest to polish materials with a very mild polishing process. It may be employed even in EBSD polishing sample preparation (electron backscatter diffraction). Polishing is very simple, for that you can set the default frequency so that the specimen starts to vibrate, and then adjust the voltage to maintain the rotational speed. The instrument comes with a compatible polishing bowl, and various sample holders, FRP hood, strong aluminum casting base, acrylic cover, and a hard-wearing plastic bowl. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading and famous material testing equipment supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area.