Dutco Tennant LLC is happy to announce launch of quality Solidor pedestal for U.A.E. and GCC region. The company has been supplying magnificent construction specialties equipment in the GCC region for many decades. Solidor is a reliable pedestals maker for raised terraces since 1978.  As we have understood that there is a great demand for this product in the GCC region, the company has plans to sell this product for famous clients. Our company is a famous construction specialties equipment supplier in the Middle East and GCC region.

Solidor is a renowned high quality terrace supports maker for wood plank floors and concrete tiles. You can continuously adjust the terrace support in height from 1cm to 1m, and can get it with especial top plates for a good planks and tiles placement. System comes with durable plastic and solid construction materials which ensure a smooth installation in all situations, and a unique supporting power. A dependable and qualitative construction specialities product that is durable and attractive.

Features of this Solidor Pedestal:

  •         Adjustable pedestals for raised terraces in wood, tiles, WPC. Adjustable from 10 mm to 1000 mm with load capacity of 800kg/pedestal, and  can work in temperature ranges from - 40 C° to +75 C°.
  •         100% recyclable and flooring is lighter compared to other systems.
  •         Easy installation on the terrace with provision for electricity, cables under the terrace, and low noise. Provides an extra air insulation layer.
  •         In these products, wood, WPC, and others will last longer because materials can breathe.
  •         Quick and natural drainage for water on the roof.
  •         Easy to examine and maintain the underlying structures.