ARABLAB is the sole tradeshow for the Analytical Industry that reaches buyers from the growth markets such as the Middle East & Africa along with the Indian Sub-Continent, as well as China & Asia.It connects people from the entire world and showcases the most updated range of laboratory and instrumentation equipment from the leading manufacturers of the world. It showcases products from Medical & Pharmaceutical, Scientific Instruments, Industrial Automation Solutions and Measuring Equipment, Research & Development, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Measuring Probe, Natural & Organic industries. Dutco Tennant LLC is a reputed supplier of the Middle East who supplies an exquisite range of Science and Technology solutions and always looks out to introduce the most advanced range of solutions. Every year at ARABLAB we demonstrate our newest products top the numerous visitors who visit this spectacular event.

Renishaw is a global, high precision metrology and healthcare technology group that designs, develops and delivers industrial automation solutions and measuring equipment which provides unparalleled precision, control, and reliability. They are also a world leader in the field of 3D printing where they have been designing and producing industrial machines that prints parts from metal powder. Their breakthrough technology offers superior performance in the field of agriculture, electronics to healthcare. Dutco Tennant LLC is the exclusive supplier of Renishaw’s impressive range of Microscopes and Biological Analysers in the region.


inVia Qontor confocal Raman Microscope

The inVia Qontor is Renishaw’s highly advanced Raman microscope. The addition of Renishaw’s latest innovation in the field of industrial automation solutions. This LiveTrack focus technology has enabled inVia Qontor to enable users to analyze samples with uneven curved or rough surfaces. During data collection, Optimum focus is maintained in real-time and white light video viewing. This removes the need for time-consuming manual focusing, pre-scanning or sample preparation.

RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser

The Renishaw RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser offers scientists a step-change in vibrational spectroscopy-based imaging techniques. This exciting product focuses on eliminating the common problems of Raman microscopy and infrared microscopy systems like sample focus, speed of analysis and ease-of-use. It combines Renishaw’s LiveTrack and StreamLine technologies for generating chemical images up to 150 times faster than conventional methods while maintaining focus to ensure high-quality pharmaceutical tablet imaging.

RA816 Biological Analyser

RA816 Biological Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman Imaging System designed exclusively for biological and clinical research. Imaging and molecular medical diagnostic techniques can be sensitive and specific to information related to the initiation and progression of disease and pathology but they require contrast agents or molecular tags that can be costly in time and money. By using the RA816 Biological Analyser, the biochemical changes associated with disease formation and progression can be identified and assessed and there is almost no need for sample preparation, and any contrast agents or tags.

Features -

  • Easy to use hardware and software
  • No need for stains or labels
  • Minimal to no sample preparation
  • Obtain a full range of biochemical information

Thus as a leader of industrial automation solutions and measuring equipment manufacturer Renishaw is growing enormously gradually.