2020 created a lot of twists and turns which disrupted all the things which we had in plans.

But slowly things are getting normal with some new and necessary adjustments in stores. We hope that 2021 restores a new sense of normalcy in the field. When we talk about the trends for the future and about the new demands in the industry which can be predicted to rule the field for the coming years, the first thing which comes into our minds is Smart Technologies. But let’s begin with giving you a proper idea about what exactly is IoT.

Like ourselves, we also want our surroundings to be smart. It can be a system of connected objects with the help of the internet which can collect and transfer the data via a wireless network without the requirement of human monitoring. It creates endless possibilities in the business or personal space. Any device like a biochip transponder, medical device, a connected vehicle having alert sensors for the driver to know about several things, a solar panel, or any other object having a lot of sensors which comes with the ability for transferring and gathering data over a network. Businesses of the modern age are motivated by smart technologies and the possibilities of increasing revenue, decreasing operation costs and improving efficiency. Our clients in the GCC and the Middle East have also expressed their requirements about this field, and after carefully considering their varied range of needs, here are some smart products which we want to bring your focus on and believe that they will be ruling the coming years.

Smart Water Meters

With a smart water meter, not just the flow of water but the wireless communication for connecting to the wide-area or local networks to allow remote location monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure via leak detection. The customer management and automatic billing are also enabled by electronic water meter systems which include detection and protection from the attempts of tampering. Our supplied range of Water meters from Kamstrup is static ultrasonic meters that do not have any moving parts and have high resistance to both tear and wear and from impurities and other minerals.

Smart Gas Meters

The smart gas meters come with shock and leakage detection systems which can amazingly increase safety by detecting emergency situations and allow immediate remote cut down of the gas flow for leakage cases. They can measure the flow of gas and use wireless technologies for maintenance of infrastructure and automatic bill generation. Powered by batteries, these devices have a crucial role to play to define the configurations of a system. Our offered smart gas meters are designed using the highest ranges of technologies and they offer the most reliable solutions.

3D Printers

Though it is not directly an IoT device but holds a very important position in the modern day’s product development lies with Metal 3D printing. It enables the direct manufacturing of complex end to end parts and allows the tooling for typical manufacturing technologies which reduces lead times and costs. They are also referred to as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM). This technology can combine the flexibility of 3D printing along with the metal’s properties. From the insertion of tools to the cooling channels and lightweight aerospace structures, any type of application which comprises of complex metal parts can benefit from Metal 3D Printing. We have an advanced range of 3D printers from ADMATEC.

Fluxium PAIOS

The Paios from FLUXIUM AG can perform a very high variety of optical and electrical characterizations on perovskite, organic and quantum-dot LEDs along with solar cells with just one click. They can offer precise and consistent measurement data and help you to directly compare your results in the software and boost up the R&D. They create the pathway towards the creation of Smart LEDs.

V5 –EDR robotic kit

With the advancements in technologies, modern-day students are required to learn the subjects in a more practical manner that is close to the real-world. Keeping this in mind, Vex Robotics has designed an advanced vex robotic kit which helps students to learn about robots, coding, and is a very cost-effective learning solution. It is targeted to help students for embracing creativity, learning the engineering design process, and solving the challenges of open-ended problems.

So this was a brief look into our smart product ranges which are in high trend now and are also predicted to rule the market for quite some time. But apart from all of these, you can find some more advanced products in our range and we will definitely add some more options in our range. For further details, keep checking our website and for product inquiries, call us today.