The BIG 5 enables all its visitors to review the state of the art innovative solutions for the construction sector. In this exhibition, several technologies make their debut which is dedicated to several branches of the construction sector.This event is an exceptional platform for companies and organizations to promote their products, services, and innovative technologies as well as meet decision-makers, investors, buyers from around the world. This year Dutco Tennant LLC has collaborated with Dikkan to introduce the visitors with a modern range of maritime valves which have been specially designed for the betterment of the sector.

Established in 1978, Dikkan has its own place of recognition as one of the well-known Foundry and Valve manufacturers in the world. Apart from Industrial and Marine Valves, Dikkan also offers solutions for the construction, machine building, automotive, agriculture and irrigation industries. The company has a whole premise equipped with modern CNC units, well-equipped laboratories, expertise in the casting field and valve production, superior quality understanding, R&D activities, internal and outsourced training added to the certificated gained over the years which help to deliver with grace each time.

Dikkan Products

They are bringing with them a bunch of modern marine valves for The BIG 5 which can be seen only at our stall.

Gate Valves 

Gate valves operate by lifting off a round or rectangular gate out of the path of the fluid and they facilitate only unidirectional flow. Gate valves are used in an application in which a full unrestricted flow of the fluid is desired. As the gate can be opened to the full bore it provides very less frictional loss. Steam circuits of ships are the most ideal for the use of gate valves due to their characteristics. Steam cause heating and deformation of the material that it passes through; normally have a flexible gate made out of two circulate plates with a hub in-between to account for any change of dimensions in the valve body rather than a solid gate.

Globe SDNR valve 

Globe Valves are the most commonly used on board ships in places like bilge suction lines. The linear motion valve regulates the flow of the fluid and has a globe-shaped body that houses the valve seat and the disc. The general arrangement of a globe valve comprises of the valve seat and the disc arranged at a right angle to the axis of the valve. The valve is opened by the perpendicular movement of the disc, away from the valve seat causing a space between the disc and the disc ring.

Butterfly Valves 

The flow regulating pivoted disc valves are known as Butterfly valves. These valves are quick acting valves which fully open or close the valve with only a quarter of a turn. They are used widely on ships for large capacity lines like forward and aft seawater suction lines or lines from various tanks to their respective pumps. Lube oil pipelines also preferably have butterfly valves fitted in them.


Strainers are closed vessels that collect solid particles to be separated while passing a fluid through a removable screen. The screens can collect particles down to 0.001 inches in diameter. They can remove more than unwanted material. They can also remove wanted materials that can be used elsewhere or in other processes. You can find strainers upstream of sensitive equipment such as meters, pumps, compressors, taps, valves, and filters. Strainers can be found in almost every industry ranging from chemical, food, water, petroleum, paint, etc.

Check Valves 

Check valves are self-activating safety valves that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction. The purpose of a check valve is to prevent process flow from reversing in the system which could damage equipment or upset the process. They are classified as one-way directional valves. They are available in various material of construction like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Exotic Steel Material.