Automatic fire sprinkler systems are retrofitted and installed in nearly all types of property from offices to hotels to single-family homes. So fire sprinkler system pipe materials require to be cost-effective, easy to install, versatile, and above all reliable for meeting the needs of this diverse market. Conventionally, steel has been the preferred material for fire sprinklers but thermoplastic pipes are now dominating residential and other light hazard categories. With all of these choices, which one shall you choose for your project that can take care of your requirements? This blog is guided to help you out making your decision between galvanized steel and CPVC pipes and fittings which are used in firefighting.

Sustainability is defined as the ability to be maintained at a certain level or rate. In the very basic terms, it is that nothing can be more sustainable than a fire sprinkler system that protects the property and the lives of occupants and others. A fire sprinkler system is certainly something that helps for maintaining both at certain rates or levels. The modern-day green building practices are somewhat different from traditional practices via the use of engineered materials, lightweight, alternative energy sources, HVAC practices, and water supplies. But there are particularly several reasons for using CPVC fire piping for getting sustainability in structures.

Newer fire challenges are provided by new materials

With the creation of new engineered building materials, there are new findings of how they react to fire somewhat differently than traditional materials. If for example Cross Laminated Timber is sighted, it is a sustainable product that has gained popularity quickly. it is manufactured from renewable wood sources and is used in core construction, floors, walls, and roofing often replacing traditional concrete, steel, or other engineered wood building materials. CLT is a relatively light material that offers better strength and fire resistance in compared to other building materials. For that, often for open ceiling design that reduces compartmentalization in homes, it is used often which allows longer spans and requires fewer support. The open building concept allows a fire to spread faster than more traditional designs. What is gained in style ultimately reduces barriers which in traditional designs would delay the progress of a fire. Due to the strength and flexibility, we can see several CLT applications in the tall wood-frame building as it offers earthquake and wind resistance by allowing expansion during summer and contraction during winter.

Why opt for CPVC instead of steel?

CPVC which is thermoplastic is much more sustainable than steel pipes and fittings. Yes, that is right. It also works better than steel over the lifetime of a building and is a much more affordable choice. An assessment was done by some expert authorities for the goal of better understanding the environmental impact of CPVC. 13 environmental impacts vs. that of steel was done which went well beyond the issues of carbon and global warming for including categories like acidification, resource depletion, and human toxicity. The results were surprising as it was determined that our offered pipe and fitting are offering approximately one-half of the climate impact of steel. It delivers lower impacts in 12 of the 13 categories, including water depletion and energy consumption. The steel score registered a lower impact only in the category of ozone depletion because of the chlorofluorocarbons used in the production of PVC feedstock.

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