An entrance matting system works as the first line of defence in preventing dirt and debris from entering the building. For any facility, an effective entrance matting system is highly necessary as they offer a great range of benefits which defines the bottom line. On average, your facility can expect over 1000 people visiting you for a 20 day time period and they are likely to deposit around 24 pounds of dirt. For public buildings having high traffic, the entrance matting systems offer benefits which result in high annual savings of cleaning costs.

Keeping entrances of public buildings safe and accessible is not just a legal duty but also a very humane responsibility. In reducing the falls and slips due to wet floors, entrance mats again play a very effective role by properly drying wet shoes and keeping outdoor and indoor entrances accessible for people with several mobility impairments like wheelchairs and walking aids. Adding to that, there are more benefits of a proper entrance matting system which are to improve the quality of air via reduction of air particle and preserving the floor by absorbing much of the initial abuse which would, however, shorten the floor's usable life. These benefits have been recognized by environmental building assessors and other regulatory authorities.

But what are the things which you should look into for a proper entrance matting system?


Dirt Removal

The amount of dirt which is brought into the building gets dramatically reduced by entrance matting systems which otherwise would get trapped in interior carpeting. Carpet soils have a texture similar to a razor and when you are walking over carpets, their fibres can be cut. This shortens the overall life span of the carpet. Only with a traffic of 1500 people, within the first 6 feet, 42 % of the floor’s finish will get removed. Much of the initial abuse is absorbed by entrance matting for extending the life of the interior flooring or carpeting for protecting the investment.

Look for entrance matting which is made from coarser yarns which can scrape shoes in transit for removing debris and dirt.

Maintain Appearance

The first impression of the building lies with the entrance. Entrance mats are available in a range of colours and patterns for matching any interior and improving the overall aesthetics of the entrance that offers it a more stylish, professional and upscale appearance that makes it great every time. Entrance mats must be capable of retaining the initial look even after several usage cycles.

The dirt can be easily hidden by dual coloured or tri-grit patterns in darker or neutral colours and the appearance will be maintained easily.


Preventing slips and falls

Wet and slippery floors are highly hazardous. On snowy or rainy days, entrances are highly prone to get wet quickly after being walked in on shoes. After the water settles on the floor, the very moment when a shoe touches it down, the fluid is trapped under the shoe and the person will slip much similar to hydroplaning. This can lead to injuries in any person.

Choose entrance mats having higher water absorption rate to dry and clean shoes.

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