After 44 highly successful editions as Middle East Energy Dubai Exhibition 2020, the event will evolve into a new offering – Middle East Energy. This transformation has been planned for reflecting a rapidly evolving sector where the demand for digitized and renewable energy solutions is growing dramatically along with the possibilities. This event has grown to be more future-focused and strengthens its role as the region’s leading power industry event, appealing to energy ministers, utilities decision-makers, innovative start-ups and future technology providers alike. Dutco Tennant LLC, being an established supplier of high-grade Utilities Solutions in the area, looks forward to participating in this ambitious event to showcase the most tending products which can bring the desired momentum in your Power projects.

Transec has always been focused on the reliability of transformers, with one of the most important features being continuously removing water from the insulating oil of Power Transformers. The various electric transformers types from Transec include- control transformer220v to 110v transformer, high voltage transformer, etc. Transex is an online molecular sieve, developed and manufactured in the UK that is designed to continuously remove water from the insulating oil of a Power Transformer. Their amazing technology has been taken up by several important projects of the world and are performing with grace all over the world. Dutco Tennant LLC now brings this exciting product range to the Middle East by launching it at MEE 2020.

Electric Transformers Types from TRANSEC: Dry-Out System

TRANSEC is a system to fry Power Transformers of all sizes. The Problem of wet Transformer is serious. Due to the moisture and oxygen, the insulation paper within the Transformer degenerates. While only a small part 2 of the moisture is absorbed by the Transformer oil, more than 95% of the moisture becomes diffused in the tons of insulation paper. Depending on the percentage of moisture, the aging of the Transformer increases and failures such as flashovers between the windings, treeing, and creeping discharges occur. The risk of an outage gets increased due to the temperature changes of the oil during the operation.


Once the TRANSEC dries up the oil in the Transformer, it dehumidifies the insulation paper and returns back again to the unit. By using up this cycle effect, TRANSEC keeps the insulation paper permanently dry, ensure faultless operation and elongates the life expectancy of the Transformer significantly. Thus, TRANSEC is empowering the world of electricity and energy industry by its several world-class Electric Transformers Types.