Continuing our quest to provide highly technical and advanced material testing solutions in the Middle East and GCC region, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied good quality universal testing machine to a big client in the Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. In this project, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied equipments for the whole Material Testing Laboratory. And, our scope was supply and installation of Universal Testing Machine manufactured by Walterbai – a world renowned Material Testing equipment manufacturer. The TTM material testing machines provided by us are inventive, durable, and useful especially made for doing thorough testing of various specimens. You can get in touch with us for such machines in the Middle East and GCC area.

Features of Universal Testing Machine

Inventive TTM testing machines have single test space and they have been designed for doing various testing such as compression, tension, bend, folding, cyclic testing, and are specifically suitable for testing different metals, fasteners, construction materials, and components. All models in the TTM series feature a stiff load frame either in double - or four - column design for less safeguarding requirement and less reaction at sample failure. The setting comes with servo-actuator, which is placed in the upper crosshead with a big piston stroke which makes testing space available for easy and competent testing of different material samples.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading material testing equipment supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. We supply Metallography Lab Equipment, Mechanical Testing Equipment, Civil Engineering Testing Equipment, Metrology Equipment, Laboratory Furniture, 3D Printing, Furnaces & Ovens, Weathering Testing Equipment, Industrial Testing Solutions, Solar Testing Equipment, and Fire Testing Equipment in this segment. The company has delivered many quality material testing equipments in this region. If you have such materials requirement in for any laboratory or testing institution, then feel free to contact us.