WETEX is the perfect platform to display and discuss all issues related to water conservation, saving natural resources and building a sustainable environment. It has been growing every year, attracting more sponsors, partners, experts, and government organizations. It enables companies to promote their products and service, and meet decision-makers, investors, buyers and interested parties from around the world, to make deals, review the latest technologies, learn about current and future projects, and explore investment opportunities in the region. Over the three days of the event, Dutco Tennant LLC along with Klamflex will be hosting a demonstration about their latest additions in the Water sector for the Middle East region.

Klamflex is the biggest manufacturer of Pipe Couplings, Adaptors, Stepped Couplings, Dismantling Joints and related products in the Southern Hemisphere. Klamflex always makes sure that customers receive expert product development, design, quality, assistance, and advice at all times and for that employs specialists in the field of pipe jointing and sealing. Their extensive range of products is suitable for the use in water treatment, water distribution and wastewater applications for dams, power plants, industry and in pressure management. In 2017 the company was renamed to VAG-Klamflex-Valves South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

For WETEX 2019 they will be showcasing their cutting edge Flange adaptor, Dismantling joints, and couplers at our stall.

Flange Adaptor

For connecting networks composed of different materials or specially designed for one material, flange adaptors join a flanged part to the spigot end of a pipe or tube. Flange adaptor is used in flanged pipelines like water supply, industrial water, and sewage. It facilitates assembly and disassembly of pipeline equipment including valves, pumps, and flow meters.

Dismantling Joints

For dismantling the equipment fitted in the pipeline, dismantling joints are used. They are used before butterfly valves, pumps, and other equipment for providing flexibility to the equipment installations by joining flanged spigot and flanged coupling adapter into one assembly. Dismantling joint consists of double-flanged fittings which allows for longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems.

Coupler (or coupling)

The coupler is a pipe or tube of very short length with a socket at one or both ends that allow two pipes or tubes to be joined, welded, brazed or soldered together. If the two ends of coupling are of different standards or joining methods, the coupling is called an adapter.