A water fire line flow meter that is commonly produced by Ayvaz sensor is an electro-mechanical device which is designed for sending an alarm to a fire alarm panel and fire department when a continuous flow of water occurs through the piping of the fire sprinkler from an activated sprinkler head or leak in the system. Also known as the water flow detector, it includes a plastic vane or paddle which is installed via an opening in sizes two-inch via eight-inch schedule 40 or schedule 10 fire sprinkler pipe, either horizontally or vertically. The paddle or vane triggers a switch if water flow greater than 10 gallons per minute is detected which sends a signal to an alarm bell and panel.

Now, what in case of false alarms? As we have seen so far, this device relies on accurately reading the flow of water via a pipe and the flow of water is not constant. Regular surges in water pressure occur.  Ayvaz fire line flow meters come with a mechanical delay mechanism. This timer essentially can be set from 0 to 90 seconds and delays the alarm-triggering mechanism long enough for ensuring that the change in water flow is not a one-off incident but rather a constant flow that results from a serious leak or activated sprinkler. If the water flow decreases to four gallons per minute or lesser, then the water flow detector will get reset. The flow meters must be mounted in an area where there is adequate room to service the device for obtaining optimal performance and it will not be damaged by any nearby activity. Without draining the fire sprinkler, the primary electrical components of a flow meter can be replaced. If a flow switch is showing signs of tear and wear and is leaking or in other cases is non-functional, it can be replaced by a qualified fire sprinkler contractor immediately.

Magnetic flow meters, also known as electromagnetic flow meters or mag meters, are often selected because they are less obstruction, cost-effective for aggressive chemicals and slurries, and provide highly accurate volumetric flow measurement. A range of liner materials, electrode options, and line sizes accommodate a wide variety of process applications. Mag meters can measure fluids bi-directionally, and are effective for both very low and high-volume flow rates. Electromagnetic flow meters, or magmeters, are comprised of a transmitter and sensor that together measure flow. The magnetic flow meter’s sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe. The transmitter takes the voltage generated by the sensor, converts the voltage into a flow measurement, and transmits that flow measurement to a control system.

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