It is undeniable fact that the weather is taking a huge turn for the worse.In recent years, severe storms and floods have affected our world and have caused several losses of properties and lives all over the world. Floodwaters threaten potential long-term damage to the infrastructure and buildings. So, what is the best option to protect yourself from the damage and chaos which is caused by the incoming storms and the rising tide of floodwater? The answer lies with Stormwater Attenuation.

But what does Stormwater Attenuation mean?

Capturing the rainwater and releasing it slowly is known as Stormwater Attenuation. The damage which is done by storms is not just directly affects the site of the flooding but on everything downstream from that as rainwater attempt to drain away, they will flood lower-lying areas more severely and after reaching saturation, floodwater will cease to run off. By capturing this rainwater in huge containers and then releasing it slowly, the risk can be dealt with. The floodwaters are then released at the rate in which they drain away and further flooding is prevented. Being the largest supplier of stormwater storage systems in Dubai, Dutco Tennant LLC is here with several Soakaway and Infiltration Tanks.

The Tank Modules supplied by us are an extremely strong option of stormwater attenuation and infiltration system which has been certified to CIRIA C737 with a 94% void. They have instant installation availability with no clips, minimal cover even under roads, and can be transported in the half-space which is associated with other systems. It has been manufactured using Polypropylene. They also offer maintenance-free usage as no grit or slit can enter into the system. The tanks modules form an artificial underground reservoir in which stormwater can be easily stored and then it may be released at a sustainable rate for preventing flooding at the location of the installation point and can downstream in watercourses and municipal sewers.

Unique Solutions

The immense strength of these stormwater storage systems is unique factors. It has been observed that vertical loading is exceeding 900 kN/m2 in product quality testing. For demonstrating this, a test was commissioned in which an 18-tonne fire truck was driven over one layer of Stormbreaker with only 130 mm of cover in the form of paving brick and sand. But despite that, the tank module did not move laterally or vertically or suffered any type of structural damage despite the 18-tonne load and only 130 mm of cover. The class-leading strength has been derived from the unique arched rib design and interlocking installation pattern which not just makes it extremely strong but also allows the individual units to be easy, lightweight and to manually lift and be installed.

The tank modules are one of the most flexible products which are available in the market today. The first layer is of 165mm height having subsequent layers of 145mm in height. It can be installed easily in any configuration from one layer to the other of this deep including irregular shapes. When coupled with the extreme strength, the stormwater storage systems become an ideal choice for infiltration, attenuation, soakaways, and under permeable paving/blue roofs and for forming storage tanks underground and also grassed trackways/roads. They can be installed as a completely sealed impermeable attenuation system or as a permeable infiltration system.

These systems have been specifically chosen to serve the geographical terrain of the Middle Eastern countries.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading civil infrastructure product supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. We provide rainwater tanks, stormwater chambers, soakaway, and infiltration tanks for rainwater projects in the Gulf countries. Contact us for such solutions anywhere in the Emirates, Qatar, and other countries.