Pipe fittings are mainly used for connecting pipes of several diameters and sizes. Generally of ductile iron or carbon steel, fire sprinkler pipes and related fitting are made which are used for carrying water or other liquids to connect firefighting equipment. It is also known by the term fire protection fittings and pipes. Based on the corresponding rules and standards, the fire pipeline requires to be painted in red to make it separate from other pipeline systems. As the fire sprinkler pipe is usually installed in a static position, it needs a high level and restricts quality control. Fire sprinkler pipe and fittings required to possess good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

Pipe and fittings material types -

  •         Carbon steel
  •         Ductile iron
  •         Stainless steel
  •         Alloy steel
  •         Composite or plastic pipe
  •         Galvanized pipe
  •         Available coatings -
  •         Epoxy coating
  •         Zinc coating

Features of epoxy coated fire pipe -

Fire pipe which comes with the external and internal epoxy coating is using the modified heavy epoxy powder that has good chemical corrosive resistance. In this way, for solving the problems like corrosive, surface rust, internal scaling, and others, and for preventing from blocking, prominently increases the fire sprinkler pipe's durability. Again, on the other hand, flameproof materials are added in the coatings for making fire sprinkler pipes heat resistance better than other types of pipes. So this makes even the working temperature increases rapidly will also not affect the fire pipe's performance. So for this firefighting pipes which has an internal and external epoxy coating which is much better than galvanized pipe on the durability and performance.

Determining the best connection for firefighting pipes

There are four types of connections for connecting fire pipe or fittings which are grooved, butt weld connection, flange connection, and threaded connection. You need to use fire sprinkler pipe fitting as the only the connection pipe fittings which complied with the right standards must be used in the event of any pipe diameter change in the fire pipe systems. Only the connection pipe fitting which complied with the right standards should be used in the event of any pipe diameter change in the fire pipe systems.

Firefighting Pipe Fittings -

Fire sprinkler pipe fittings types are similar to the general pipelines. In regards to the applications, there are tee, elbow, reducing tee, cross, caps, clamps, unions, and others. In regards to materials, there are alloy, carbon, stainless. With regards to connection types, it is the same as pipe connection types.

Grooved Fittings - Elbow, Tee, Cross, Reducer, Cap

For connecting standpipe to control fire pipeline, support in different directions and sizes, and distribute pipeline, grooved fittings are the best in the fire sprinkler pipe fittings. By using a groove connection, the project time is shorter with faster installations and easier maintenance.

Grooved Coupling

In a ductile iron grooved coupling, there are three parts which include, gasket, housing, and track head bolts along with nuts. They are majorly used in fire sprinkler pipelines. By the housing, the grooves of standpipe ends are engaged.  A sealed chamber with bolts and nuts tightened are formed by encompassing the gasket. This creates a leak-tight structure of a self-restrained pipe joint.

The industrial and economical development, fire sprinkler pipe and fittings are used widely in almost all types of industries and companies and they are extremely important for our daily lives. So you must definitely choose high-class firefighting pipes and fittings for your projects.

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