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Bubbler Stake Landscaping Works

Dutco Tennant LLC provides a big range of landscaping accessories which are highly useful for doing great landscape construction. We have various products which are usually required in great landscape construction. Our range of Landscaping accessories includes Edgings, Drip Stake, and Bubbler Stake. Our supplied landscaping edgings are primarily used in residential and light commercial applications. Outstanding flexibility is provided by our edgings as desired and it supports prolonged straight runs but requires little labor when compared to other competitions. We have been working for almost four decades now and our solutions have been helping the rise of various projects like museums, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, industries, offices, schools, universities, etc.

For high volume irrigation, bubblers are used. It is available in adjustable flow type and pressure compensating type bubbler. Bubbler is manufactured from stable engineering plastic. They are supplied with special filters to prevent blockage by sand/silt particles which provide trouble-free operation for a longer period. They can be easily mounted on stake for bubbler or on a multipurpose stake with bubbler stake assembly. The adjustable bubbler on stake supplied by Dutco Tennant LLC features adjustable flow with a 360-degree gentle stream umbrella pattern. It provides a flow of up to 32 GPH and a diameter of up to 3.3’ at 15 to 30 PSI. It comes with a rotating cap which allows for simultaneous control of the flow and the wetted area. It provides a convenient way to water areas in which conventional sprinklers are not practical. Bubblers are suitable for pots, tubs, planter boxes, landscaped gardens, and nurseries when you need more water in a short time. Use under roses where direct watering avoids wetting of foliage. It is ideal for street trees and palms. Flow to individual plants can be adjusted or shut off. The adjustable bubbler offers a convenient way to water areas where conventional sprinkler systems are not suitable. Dutco Tennant LLC offers various types of bubblers like J-Bubbler, Octa-Bubbler, Quadra Bubbler, QB2 Bubbler, etc.

Features :

  • Great for roses, shrubs, and planter boxes
  • Rotation of the cap allows adjustment of flow and coverage down to a complete shut-off
  • High volume direct watering of plants
  • These umbrella sprayers are an efficient and reliable method for applying water
  • Provide trouble-free operation with no moving parts
  • Removable cap for easy cleaning
  • Spike for securing in ground or planter
  • Side entry barb connection and break-off barb adapter
  • Constructed with UV-resistant, durable plastic material


  • Molded Adaptor at Top of Stake to hold Jet
  • Sparp end at bottom for easy insertion in field