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Edgings Landscaping Works

Most of the well-maintained and designed landscapes comprise several areas that serve various purposes like a flower border, a vine-covered sitting area, and a vegetable garden. Landscape edging can help to define each of these separate spaces and also give a unifying element to the design of your garden. Edging can give a practical role also like holding mulch in place and preventing your loved plants from getting mowed. Depending on the functional purpose for edging and the aesthetic, the available options range from a simple trench to high class paving stones and all the other things lying in between.

Edging can create clean and crisp lines between beds and other areas. It is mostly visible between a lawn and the adjoining garden but a single tree, a flower border, a shrub bed or even the transition from a patio to the surrounding garden can be defined by a landscape edging. It can emphasize the lines of beds and can lead the eye to the next garden focal point. Practically, landscape edging can help for keeping turfgrass from creeping into the surrounding garden areas. At the very same time, it can prevent mulch or soil in garden beds from spilling into the lawn whenever you will water it or it is raining. The pathways which are made of loose material like mulch or gravel are also considered under landscape edging. While keeping the materials in place, it can maintain clearly defined walkways. When you are using landscape edging, it also serves for keeping the visitors out of the areas where you do not want them to step into like planting beds. If the landscape edging is wide and flat enough, it can easily handle the wheels of a lawnmower. The requirement for manicuring edges with a string trimmer is eliminated by a practical mowing strip which is created by landscape edging. It also prevents the user from mowing over the tender plants in beds at the lawn edge. Edging needs to be placed firmly in place or the garden carts, mowers, children or even our own feet can get unsettles and it will be repeatedly required to reset the materials. A nicely installed garden edging not just adds personality but also offer textures to your landscape. From the planter bed to designing with gravel, there are various design ideas that can make your garden get a beautiful look. From the use of a gabion wall to incorporating wooden cuts, from big stones to railway sleepers, from using concrete to edging your garden with terracotta, there is a wide range of options of garden bordering which can enhance the entire look and feel of your lawn.

Dutco Tennant LLC can supply you with a wide range of Edgings for your landscaping projects along with expert advice at every step.



  • primarily used in residential and light commercial applications where greater flexibility is desired.
  • Prolonged straight runs are possible but will require additional labor due to flexibility differences compared to 3/16″ thick material.
  • Applications include, but are not limited to, planting beds, tree rings, paver walkways and paths.
  • 16 foot edging sections are packaged 15 pieces (240’) per box.
  • 8 foot edging sections are packaged 15 pieces (120’) per box.