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Drip Stake Landscaping Works

The roots of plants will grow and reach towards the direction of the water. The drip stakes release the water deep into the ground and encourage the roots of the plants to deeply grow into the soil instead of appearing to the surface for looking for a shallow/surface source of water. Deep root watering also makes way towards stronger, healthier, and deeper roots. The deep-seated roots can also help for preventing the tree from getting uprooted during hill erosion, strong winds, and foundational structural damage along with sidewalks which can otherwise be caused by uprooting. Drip stakes not just release the water deep into the ground but also delivers fertilizer and oxygen directly to plant roots and trees effectively and quickly. From the top of the stake, water will easily pass via the stake by carrying the fertilizer via the soil, directly to the roots for faster absorption. The perforated shaft at the stake makes way for optimal saturation of nutrients which assist the control of water flow rate. With grated holes that can keep dirt, rock and other obstructions out, the shaft of the stake is lined that ensures proper irrigation. The drip watering stakes can hydrate the roots of your plants and not at the surface where is often lost to evaporation or run-off. By keeping 100% of your water directed to your tree, shrub, or plant where it belongs, no amount of water will be wasted. The direct watering of the stakes can also cut down on the time of watering and conserve around 50% of outdoor water.

Drip Stakes have been designed for helping you to maintain beautiful and healthy plants and trees by directly watering them at the roots while also helping you to save around 50 % of the usage of outdoor water and also protecting the environment. There are several holes for aeration in the stake shaft. There is an amazing internal filter that can prevent the debris and dirt from clogging into the stake from these holes. They can last for a long time as they are made up of eco-friendly and sturdy ABS plastic. The uniquely designed UV Protected cap has been reinforced via a unique ribbed construction that can act as a protective cover when you are hammering it into the ground. It can hold easily a ¼ inch drip line in place with the specifically designed slotted cap. Dutco Tennant LLC can supply you with a wide range of Drip Stakes for all your Landscaping projects in the Middle East region. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of experts who have worked with various big names and hi-fi projects in the region. With us, you can be guaranteed to receive the best in class products every time.


  • Molded Adaptor at Top of Stake to hold Jet.
  • Sparp end at bottom for easy insertion in field.