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Mineral Insulated - Temperature Cables Buildings

ineral Insulated Cables are considered to be one of the best fire survival solutions. They are well regarded for their versatility and ultimate fire survival performance. With a basic inorganic construction of a copper sheath and conductors, together with a mineral insulant, the cable provides a unique combination of dependability, versatility, and permanence. This construction, with the melting points of 1083°C and 2800°C for the copper and the insulant respectively, provides the unsurpassed Fire Survival properties which enable the cable to continue to carry current at temperatures over 1000°C.

A mineral insulated cable is a specialized type of cable used in high temperatures or harsh environmental conditions because of its low flammability even during operations at high temperatures. It enables precise measurement and resists oxidation. Mineral Insulated Cables consist of copper wires inside a copper or stainless steel sheath insulated by packed minerals like magnesium oxide. Magnesium Oxide resists oxidation and ionizing radiation and is both chemically and physically stable at high temperatures so these properties makes Magnesium oxide an excellent electrical insulation. The outer sheath protects the internal thermocouple wire from heat, chemical or other environmental damage. To add identification and an additional layer of protection from corrosion, the metal sheath may be covered with an additional colored plastic sheath. Any number of wires can contain in a mineral insulated cable but the most common configurations include 1, 2 or 3 pairs of conductors. Additional thermocouples in customized configurations can be contained in specialized mineral insulated cables. Mineral insulated cable is available in a variety of diameters and lengths, depending on the specific requirements. Many mineral insulated cables are calibrated using sensitive, fast and highly accurate dry block probe calibrators. Temperature sensors manufactured from Mineral insulated cable, such as some RTDs or thermocouples, are used extensively in heat treating metals, solid waste incinerators, sintering powdered metals, firing ceramic materials, gas or oil fired furnaces, fuel fired heat exchangers, box furnaces and nuclear or hydrocarbon based energy plants.

If your business requires the management of heat in its manufacturing process then temperature monitoring and control will probably be high on your agenda. We provide a wide range of temperature related products and services alongside our core activity of design, supply different types of MI thermocouple/sensor cables and probes. We are also a solution provider and supply a range of bespoke thermocouples, RTDs, harnesses, and probes for use in complex high-temperature situations.