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Wastewater Cable Operated Mechanical Screen Pretreatment Screens & Screen Handling Equipments


The cable-operated mechanical screen is the perfect solution for coarse or fine screening of the mechanical pre-treatment of wastewater. It has a robust design and high loading capacity which makes it particularly suitable for heavy screening removal of tasks. It works as an outstanding solution because of its high cleaning performance and its smart PLC control system. As the cleaning process can be repeated often as necessary in any position, the machine is also able to efficiently remove bulky screenings, screenings trapped between the screen bars, sand deposited in the front of the screen that impedes the downward movement.

The cleaning starts when the driver of the Cable Operated Mechanical Screen is operated in order to adjust a difference in water levels that has resulted from a build-up of screening in the barrack. By the suspension of rope on three cables, the grab cleaner is lowered to the screen bars in an open position. When it reaches the bottom of the channel, it swings into the bar screens. The screenings are collected during the cleaning cycle and are transported to the discharge position and are then pushed by the scrapper device into the container, conveyor belt, and others. The cycle of screening cleaning is repeated until the difference in water levels have been adjusted. After that, the grab screen will return to the original rest position above the operation floor. Cable-operated mechanical screens are a variant of the front raked bar screen that is used for capturing solid materials in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and can be preferred as coarse and fine screens. They are superbly strong equipment specially suited to be used in wide and deep channels for the purpose of protecting the pumps and mechanical equipment in the plant from damages and enhancing the next operations. These screen types can be easily mounted on any channel depth at an angle that runs between 90 degrees and 60 degrees and is generally preferred in deep channels because of its durable structure. They also have an automatic cleaning mechanism that can be set by time or water level. They are also equipped with a grab rake which is raised and lowered by means of one or two sets of cables for cleaning the stationary barrack. The operation mechanism of these screens can be arranged based on the width of the channel.

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  • Durable design
  • Suitable for use in deep channels
  • Capable of removing large amounts of solid materials
  • No mechanical components underwater level
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low investment and maintenance cost
  • Low energy consumption