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Inventive solutions in civil infrastructure are our specialty. We are known for providing innovative and top-notch equipment. We provide various survey instruments that have been designed using the latest technologies in this field. The company provides the most superior robotic total stations which can satisfy every kind of requirement. We are now recognized around the entire Middle East and GCC area as the most renowned name in the survey industry.

An Overview of Total Stations:

A Total Station is an electronic/visual gadget is used in contemporary surveying. The total station is an electronic transit integrated with an electronic distance meter to measure slope distances from the instrument’s location to an intended point. In other words, the total station is a modern surveying instrument that integrates an electronic theodolite with an electronic distance meter. A theodolite uses a movable telescope to measure angles in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Traditionally they are manual instruments that come in two typed – transit, which rotates in a full circle in the vertical plane, and non-transit, rotating in a half-circle. Electronic transit theodolites in conjunction with a distance meter to read any slope distance from the instrument to any particular spot are used by total stations. They are two essential surveying instruments in one and when used with other technology such as mapping software are able to deliver the ‘total’ surveying package, from measuring to mapping.

We supply Robotic Total Station which allows the operator to manage the instrument from a distance via remote control. Total Stations are used for Coordinate Measurement, Angle Measurement, Distance Measurement, and Data Processing.

Established four decades ago, Dutco Tennant LLC is a reliable name in providing mapping & surveying equipment. We have a wide portfolio and we provide complete range of Leica total station. Our wide-ranging portfolio has won rewards and recognition for winning the client’s trust and providing matchless quality, novelty, and a flawless safety record. Our solutions are trusted by professionals who use them to survey and present information in an ever more suitable, effectual and correct way. Our decades-long track record with total station supply promises a rocky, sturdy tool that performs beyond expectation.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a well-established player in this field supplying Total Stations for surveying. If you have such requirements, you can contact us for such solutions in the Middle East and GCC area. We serve countries like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and others. Contact us for Total Stations in these regions.

TS10 - Manual Total Stations

TS10 - Manual Total Stations

TS07  - Manual Total Stations

TS07 - Manual Total Stations

TS03 - Manual Total Stations

TS03 - Manual Total Stations

Leica iCON iCB50  - Manual Total Stations

Leica iCON iCB50 - Manual Total Stations

Leica iCON iCB70  - Manual Total Stations

Leica iCON iCB70 - Manual Total Stations