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Flap valves are designed to operate under very low heads of water, in gravity flow applications, at ambient conditions between -65° and +85° C. The valve prevents backwater via a spring-loaded or weighted flap placed across the opening of a pipe, tube or duct. Flap valves are a type of non-return valve (NRV) used to prevent flooding and to stop water back-flowing up pipework connecting into ponds, ditches, swales, rivers, and marine or tidal environments. Our supplied flap valves can be factory fitted to our precast concrete headwalls and chambers

Dutco Tennant LLC provides Irrigation Network Flap valves which are designed to operate in different temperatures and in different environmental conditions. You can use them in gravity flow applications and at ambient temperature conditions between a wide temperature range. The Flap Valves stops backflow of water via a spring-loaded Flap kept at a pipe opening, tube or duct. Our company provides Flap Valves, in which the Flap and Backplate are made using HDPE, and Stainless Steel 316 hinge-pin, weight, and attachments.

Since HDPE has specific gravity, there is a Stainless Steel counterweight to make sure that Valve closes when back-pressure is present. However, low heads of water are required to open the flap. It has a good design, and hence the counterweight balances the Flap accurately. Dutco Tennant LLC provides Flap Valves which have lip seals, they offer seal between the Frame and Flap. Additionally, you have a neoprene seal to keep it between the wall and the frame, which is there to stop leakage. The company also provides Flange-mounted, Tidal Flap valves, and other Flap valves on request. Dutco Tennant LLC provides fine-quality Flap valves for our respected clients in the Middle East and GCC area.

The key features which differentiate our products are:

  • They are lighter than conventional Flap valves, and they may be easily installed.
  • They offer lower installation costs.
  • Made using heavy-duty HDPE, they can survive being struck by rocks and other matters present in the soil, and which can damage other objects.
  • Our Valves have waterproof qualities, which make them dependable and consistent.
  • These Flap Valves have Stainless Steel hinges and they require minimum maintenance.
  • All our Valve models can withstand constant pressure.
  • Our expert engineers provide you technical support for these valves.
  • The Valves have a 25-year minimum life expectancy.
  • Valves have been manufactured as per international standards.
  • Not at risk from theft as no inherent scrap value
IN Flap Valve

IN Flap Valve