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Irrigation Network Ranger Couplings are designed to join pipes of various outside diameters with the same or different nominal bore. Irrigation Network Ranger Couplings can be used as a Straight or Step Coupling. Irrigation Network Gripper Coupling is designed to resist end pullout on PE and PVC pipes, it is the fastening action of the gripper rings that secure the coupling onto the pipe resisting end pullout.

Irrigation Pumping Stations have Pipes which have to be joined using Couplings. These pipes play a very important role in designing Pumping Station couplings. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies good-quality Couplings which have been made to join pipes made of different matters like Steel, Ductile Iron, UPVC, Grey Iron, Asbestos Cement, and others.

Our Couplings have wide tolerance on Outer Diameter, and hence they can join pipes of varying outer diameters. We have Couplings made of good--quality Steel as well which offer strong resistance and are long-lasting as they have been hot-galvanized. Our Irrigation Pumping Station Couplings can resist abrasion; as they do not require any special equipment for opening or closing. Using these products you can install Irrigation Pumping Station pipes even in difficult terrain.

We have a versatile range of flexible couplings for joining and repairing low pressure and non-pressurised pipes of any material and size combination and are designed to perform and engineered to last. As the pipe technology market has diversified, the range of materials, sizes, and designs have created ever more complex sealing challenges meaning no two installations are ever the same. Recognizing this, we along with our manufacturing partners have responded to the market by innovating in the area of materials, design and high-grade manufacturing process. Our products are guaranteed to meet the requirement and the demands of the Middle East market.

Choosing a right fitting for your Irrigation Pumping Station may be difficult, -- but we here at Dutco Tennant LLC have wide-range Couplings to choose from. We even have some rare Coupling types, which makes finding the right products easy. Please have a look at our product range, and see all that we have to offer. For more information about our products, you can Email us or call us at our Customer Service number, and our personnel will be happy to assist you in finding the right product. We provide good-quality Irrigation Pumping Station products in the Middle East and GCC, contact us for more information on our equipment and services.

IPS Couplings

IPS Couplings