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IPS Couplings Irrigation Pumping Station

A coupling is a mechanical element which connects to two shafts together for accurately transmitting power from the drive side to the driven side while it absorbs the mounting misalignments of the two shafts. Coupling in the machine industry is interpreted as a part that can connect two shafts together and it is generally called shaft coupling, coupling, or joint. Power can get transmitted by using a coupling even between the axes of several diameters.

What is the role of a Coupling?
  • Transmits Power
  • The main reason to use a coupling is for connecting the driveshaft to the driven shaft. It is difficult for manufacturing a machine that is connected with a one-piece shaft instead of using a coupling. It can create problems in terms of accuracy and cost but also transportation and assembly are extremely difficult so it takes an hour. In the case of a one-piece shaft, it needs to be completely replaced.

  • Absorbs Misalignment
  • A considerable amount of time is required for aligning the driveshaft to the driven shaft with high precision. If the axes of the two shafts are misaligned, repeatedly an extra force is applied to the surrounding parts as it rotates can cause vibration and noise. Adding to that, even though the same parts are used for manufacturing the units, there are errors like machining accuracy which makes it very difficult for assembling all the units with accuracy as the dimensions are different one by one. So, a coupling must be used for absorbing such mounting errors. The coupling has the role of transmitting power dynamically and accurately even if there is a misalignment between the two shafts.

  • Absorbs Vibrations for protecting the surround products
  • Vibration and shock can be transferred to the surrounding parts when you are using the machine. For instance, if the vibration of a motor on the driving side is transmitted to the ball screw, it can deviate the machine from the rated position and it will be impossible for making well use of the machine’s performance. Again, if the machine without couplings receives an impact from the outside, the impact can be transmitted directly to the motor and can cause damage to the motor. For these problems, the solutions lie with a coupling. It can absorb the vibration for moving the driven side with high accuracy and shock for preventing the expensive motors from getting damaged.

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  • Seals: EPDM
  • Sleeve: DN 50...300 rolled steel, DN 350...600 ductile iron EN-GJS 400-15 (GGG-40)
  • End rings: Ductile iron EN-GJS 400-15 (GGG-40)
  • Threaded anchor bolts: 4.8 electro galvanized