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Want accurate Water flow readings for your Irrigation Pumping station? – Dutco Tennant LLC provides Irrigation Pumping Station Water Meters which have been made to give the most precise and consistent water flow readings.

Our full-range products come in multiple sizes to fulfill your different Pumping station requirements. These products have a simple design that allows an open water passage leading to very low head loss. Irrigation pumping station water may have impurities.

These solutions can measure even waters which have high impurity content. Our products give full-range installation options – you can install them in various vertical, horizontal or slant positions. Get water flow measurement technologies, which are perfect for Irrigation use.

There is a scarcity of water supplies in many areas in the world, leading to varying demands for this valuable resource. Irrigation and Landscaping professionals want to ensure that the most efficient and sustainable Irrigation Pumping Station solutions are in place. We at Dutco Tennant LLC believe that good water management is possible only if you can do accurate measurements. And hence we give the latest & most-advanced water flow measurement products you can find around.

We supply Water Meters which are specifically designed for irrigation systems to provide the most accurate and reliable flow readings. We offer a full range of sizes to fit most applications. The simple design provides an open water passage resulting in very low head loss. Even water with a high content of impurities is measured with accuracy. Available with or without straightening vane and a full range of installation options – vertical, horizontal or oblique positions. The Water Meters highlights all the water meters offered by us including features and benefits, selection guidelines, as well as application and installation considerations.

Choosing the right irrigation flow meter is not complicated. With several-decades experience in Irrigation & Landscaping, Dutco Tennant LLC offers reliable and strong Water meters which are just fit for your requirements. Irrigation Pumping Station Water meters give unparalleled value in installation cost & ownership and are usable, reliable and economical. Water meters for accurate water flow measurement, and they are the preferred choice of Irrigators for many decades. Our company is a leading Irrigation Network Water Meter solution provider in the Middle East and the GCC area. Our focus has always been on growing and evolving and active collaboration with various contractors and suppliers all over the world. We have seen that various customers have diverse and unique needs according to their projects. And these demands made by them keep on evolving with the advancement of time.

IPS Irrigation Water Meters

IPS Irrigation Water Meters