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IPS Irrigation Water Meters Irrigation Pumping Station

Agriculture and turf irrigators can operate in difficult environments with extreme climate where water flow measurement can be the difference between profit or loss. When you are choosing the right irrigation flow meter it does not needs to be a complicated process. With over 40 years of experience in the landscape of the Middle East, we can offer you with low maintenance and reliable flow meter solutions which can meet the toughest requirements of the industry. These water meters can offer unbeatable value in cost of ownership and installation along with the set the standard for ease-of-use, economy and reliability. We offer high class meters which can offer versatile water flow measurement which has been trusted by irrigators for decades. Water meters are important for any irrigation network.

Measurement is the main way towards effective and good management. The use of water meters guarantees that growers are able to measure and effectively manage the watering of their crops. The confidence is offered by water meter and it assures that the correct amount of water and fertilizer are being delivered to the crop which maximized yields and reduces energy costs. We supply specially designed water meters for irrigation systems for providing the most reliable and accurate flow readings. We offer you with a wide range of sizes that fits most of the applications. The simple design offers an open water passage which can result in very low head loss. Even water having high amount of impurities are measured with +/-2% accuracy.


  • Environmentally friendly composite
  • High resistance to water impurities
  • Suitable up to 50 °C as a cold water meter
  • Suitable up to 90 °C as a warm water meter
  • AMR pre-equipped for pulse or radio output


  • Available in DN 15 (Q3 2.5)
  • Examination certificate :
                  2004/22/CE (MID)
                  EN 14154:2007
                  OIML R49:2006
                  ISO 4064:2014
  • Q3 2.5 DE-12-MI001-PTB013