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The most important part which needs to be installed in an irrigation system, the valve box is the most underestimated and ignored. The purpose of the valve box is simply to protect the valve as well as allow for convenient adjustment or service. Adding to that, valve boxes protect other parts of an irrigation system that may need service, it includes wire splices, gate valves, ball valves, certain types of backflow preventers, multiple drip emitters, flush valves, air-relief valves and the like. Previously it was very common to find a valve, buried, with no valve box at all. Without valve boxes, these irrigation systems worked fine till it was time to service them. Without a set of plans, it could take hours using a wire locator to find the valve and again there was the trick of digging up the valve without damaging it.

But with the introduction of Valve Boxes, all these problems are now taken care of. Valve boxes are made up of strong, thermoplastic material, mainly suitable for underground use. They are light in weight, easy to handle and ideal for enclosing key parts of an irrigation system which encounters only light-to-medium traffic.

Quick Coupling Valve Boxes are designed for both functionality and aesthetic purposes. Our supplied quick coupling valve boxes are ideal to replace unsightly and unsafe plastic boxes and house a manufacturer’s rotary sprinkler and/or valve units addressing both the safety concerns and the finished look of the playing surface.

Features –

  • Addresses safety and aesthetic concerns associated with plastic boxes
  • Fits specific manufacturer irrigation, rotary sprinkler and/or valve systems
  • Easy access to make repairs or adjustments
  • Adapts to the most synthetic athletic field playing surfaces
  • Pull Box and Flush Box

This new range of valve boxes comes with an easy to open handle. The new valve box is opened by simply lifting and pulling a discreet handle embedded in the lid. Each valve box has an anti-vandal bolt for additional security. A specially designed model bracket inside the box allows easy and tidy wire installation to fit the battery controller. They are studied to face all needs of professional irrigation and are easy to install, strong and durable and are engineered to maintain their integrity under load even with the cover removed.

Solenoid and Isolating Valve Box boxes, rectangular and round are used in direct burial to house solenoid valves, all isolating valves and submersible pump covers for irrigation systems.


  • Lid secured to the body with stainless steel bolt
  • Stainless nut contained within the body
  • Lids have underneath ribs for extra strength
Quic Coupling Valve Box For Sports Turf Irrigation

Quic Coupling Valve Box For Sports Turf Irrigation

Pull Box and Flush Box For Sports Turf Irrigation

Pull Box and Flush Box For Sports Turf Irrigation

Solenoid and Isolating Valve Box For Sports Turf Irrigation

Solenoid and Isolating Valve Box For Sports Turf Irrigation