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The Hookup kits or the FCU Links as it is called are Terminal valve assemblies have been designed to include all of the valves and connections for controlling and maintaining terminal units. These functions are included in HVAC products, that have been designed to be assembled and mounted in the pipework to the terminal unit by the installer. Various Combinations are possible based on the Project-specific requirements.

Hook-up Kits are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to cover all of your system needs. Coil hook-up kits have been proven to reduce ordering and installation time and help reduce field problems. Standard kits are available for use with all of our balance and flow limiting valves, and non-standard kits can be designed to incorporate any combination of balance/flow limiting valves and accessories you choose. Each kit comes bagged and tagged with the location and flow rate of the coil on which it is to be installed. Available kit accessories include the Model UBV Ball Valve, the Model UBY Integrated Y-Strainer and Shut-off/isolation of the coil from the rest of your system should maintenance or replacement of the coil become necessary. They include a standard pressure/temperature port for easy measurement of ∆P across the coil and a drain valve to allow you to easily drain downs the system should you need to perform maintenance or replace the coil.

The UBY also integrates an in-line Y-strainer into the design ensuring your coils operate as efficiently as possible by providing clean system fluid and offers 2 additional accessory taps.


  • Available in sizes 1/2” – 2”
  • 100’s of Kit Configurations available
    • Standard and Custom Kit Designs
    • Kits Can Be Designed to Incorporate Any B&G Balance or Flow Limiting Valve
  • UBV – Union Ended Ball Valve
    • Full Port Ball Valve Provides Complete Shut-off/Isolation
    • Standard Pressure/Temperature Ports for Easy ∆P Measurement
    • Drain Valve for Fast and Easy System Blow Down or Drainage
  • UBY – Union Ended Ball Valve/Y-Strainer Combination
    • Full Port Ball Valve for Shut-off/Isolation
    • Integral Y-Strainer to Ensure Clean Fluid Enters the Coil
    • One Standard Pressure/Temperature Port with two additional accessory taps for Easy ∆P Measurement
    • Standard Drain Valve for Fast and Easy System Blow Down or Drainage
  • UA – Union Accessory
    • Standard Pressure/Temperature Port for Easy ∆P Measurement
    • Air Vent for Quick and Easy System Draining
  • Steel Flex Hoses Available
  • Extended Accessories and Handles Available
  • Multiple End Connections Available
    • Union – Upstream (1/2” – 2”)
    • Sweat (Female) and NPT (Male and Female) (1/2” – 2”)
Hook Up Kits (FCU Links)

Hook Up Kits (FCU Links)