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The Mobile Communication Gateway offered by us is everything but no conventional, it offers a much wider range of applications than conventional telematics units do. The basis for the storage and the local processing unit we provided by the high processing power and memory capacity. This allows more flexibility in terms of the system architecture. Standardized interfaces ensure fast integration. Due to its ready-to-code software, the OEM can easily implement individual applications. Strong hardware encryption protects sensitive data according to the latest security standards. Additionally, our safety mechanisms enable the implementation of safety-relevant applications. All this makes the MCG ideal for the reliable interconnection of mobile machines and their integration into the Internet of Things even under the most demanding environmental conditions.

Features –

  • Increased productivity
  • Secure data transfer
  • Functional safety
  • Long-term availability
  • Time-saving integration
  • High level of robustness

IoT technology is deployed in many ways so no single network solution is right. It depends on the situation and where the devices are located. Some of the factors affecting the selection of the type of network are network range, network bandwidth, power usage, interoperability, intermittent connectivity, and security. A wired network uses Ethernet cable to connect to the network. The Ethernet cable is in turn connected to a DSL or cable to the network gateway. The wired networks are mature technology and it is easy to get plugged into if you already have phone lines, power lines, and coaxial cable lines. Even in the case of wireless networks, those networks are usually connected to a wired network at some point; hence the most commonly used network is a hybrid of both wired and wireless network connectivity.

Benefits –

Reliability - Much longer than the Wi-Fi technology, Ethernet connections have been in existence and are much more reliable.

Speed - Local factors like walls, floors, cabinets, length of the room, interference from other electronic devices do not affect it which enables wired connectivity to be much faster than wireless.

Security - Wired connections are usually housed behind your Local Area Network (LAN) firewall and hence it allows for complete control of the communications system so no broadcasting data can be hacked into.

Over the last four decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been offering best in class solutions for various industrial and engineering solutions for various industry verticals ranging from construction to networking to electrical. Over the years we along with our subsidiaries have earned a place and trust among our customers and halve also gained various awards and citations for our unmatched operational and managerial excellence. We have only one motto which is to provide a world-class solution for our clients which will meet all their requirements at the best possible price. But this is not the only thing; we also keep sharp attention to environmental safety standards.

Wireless Communication Gateway

Wireless Communication Gateway

Wired Communication Gateway

Wired Communication Gateway