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Dutco Tennant LLC offers a wide range of Sewage Flap Valves made of different materials such as cast iron or ductile iron, depending on the type of application.

Sewage Flap valves are used to give effective protection to sewage and rainwater installations vulnerable for flooding. When the valve faces a small differential pressure on its back, it opens automatically to allow the discharge to flow through drainage conduits.

Our Flap valves are high quality units which have good material’s flap that closes against a seal, therefore allowing unidirectional flow of water. When water begins to flow in the reverse direction, then the flap of the valve closes against the seal. These valves are used to protect the sewage or storm water tank and the filter unit against contamination from sewage water. If your sewage system is connected to rainwater system, then you must use Flap valves to stop the overflow from the storm water system enter the tank and contaminate it.

Sewage water flapper valves available with us are made up of Cast Iron & Ductile Iron and are fit for use in industrial and residential effluent situations. These valves can also be used for protection in river and sea outfalls. Though we supply valves of all kinds, Cast Iron/Ductile Iron flap valves are in great demand because of their strong design and rigidity. We also supply plastic flap valves and stainless steel flap valves.

These sewage water flap valves units fit all standard pipes and are easy & simple to fit. They are easy to maintain and can be opened inline. After installation, you should be able to access these valves for cleaning purposes.

Features of the Sewage Flap Valves:

  • Complete back flow prevention of sewage water drains.
  • Some of the valves have strong ABS housing.
  • Stainless steel flap valve and pivot.
  • You can open it for maintenance without any tools.
  • Available to suit a wide range of drainage pipes, in-line or in terminal position.
  • Ideal for use in municipal and commercial sewage systems where there is a risk of back flow from drain.

We are the number one flap valve suppliers in the Middle East and GCC region. We have supplied these valves for a number of projects in the countries like Qatar and Oman. We offer complete sewage water flap valves solutions for both residential and industrial projects. You can meet us in any of the industrial exhibitions which are held annually and periodically in the Gulf region.

DI & Stainless Steel Flap Valve

DI & Stainless Steel Flap Valve