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Compression Machine Civil Engineering Testing Equipment

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. The word concrete comes from the Latin word “concretus” which means compact or condensed. It first came into existence in the second century when the Romans mixed quicklime with a pozzolan to enhance its hydraulic properties and then mixed it with aggregates in order to obtain a robust stone-like material for the construction of roads and structures. Since then the quality and the production technology of concrete strongly evolve hence considerable care supported by knowledge is required to produce quality concrete.

Concrete has high compressive strength and low tensile strength is usually reinforced with materials such as steel. However various strength of concrete is used for different applications. Lightweight, low-strength concrete has good thermal properties and is suitable for sub-screeds and filling redundant voids, whereas high strength concrete is generally specified in large projects - lower floor columns of high-rise concrete buildings and in bridge beams for example.

The need of assessing the quality and integrity of new buildings and the preservation of historical buildings and monuments, has produced and encouraged modern techniques along with related equipment for non-destructive testing which is also known as NDT. Dutco Tennant LLC proposes a vast selection of NDT instruments and apparatus with precise indications concerning the product use and the relative applications. Several variables like workability, consistency, setting time and air content contribute to defining the quality of the concrete utilized for a structure.

To meet the wide variety of testing needs of modern analytical laboratories and manufacturers Dutco offers an extensive range of highly universal cement testing machines for compression and flexural but also other more advanced tests as elastic modulus on different materials and specimens.

These Testing Machines are the most advanced models available. They combine accurate and rapid testing with ergonomic working in a sitting position. Optional with simultaneous bending and compression testing to reduce the testing time considerably.

We have been a leading supplier of testing equipment for several years and we propose a complete range of testing equipment for satisfying all the necessary regulations.

We offer a robust line of concrete testing equipment and testing accessories which conform to ASTM, AASTHO and other applicable standards. Our equipment spans across all phases of testing for strength, compliance and consistency. With us you can find everything from placement of fresh concrete to lab curing and strength testing of concrete specimens, to non-destructive testing of hardened concrete. Fresh concrete tests for entrained air, slump and maturity, as well as corrosion and strength are all included in our selection.


  • Very rigid and precision aligned twin chromium plated column construction.
  • Both testing frames have double acting rams for the quickest respond.
  • Highest accuracy and repeatability achieved by precision load cells.
  • Linear load increase in closed loop control with synchronized measuring channels.
  • Both load frame are equipped with safety guard.
  • The testing frames are mounted on a solid chassis.
  • High flexibility by template generation and possibility of placing different devices in the machine.