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Compression Seal Finishing Products

Comprising of a steel armored nosing at both the edges of the joint gap expansion, the compression seal expansion joint is anchored suitably on the concrete deck and performed chloroprene elastomer is fixed and compressed into the joint gap with the help of a specially made adhesive girder. They are recommended for simply supporting or nonstop span right or skewing moderately curved with completely horizontal movement which does not exceed 40 mm. We are supplying Compression Seal Expansion Joint for meeting excellent quality standards.

Our Compression Seals create crisp, linear sightlines with a patented design to eliminate waviness. They're also engineered to make installation easier and heat weldable. Compression Seal architectural finishing products are 100% weathertight, UV resistant and built to last through extreme temperatures and chemicals. The compression joint seal has been suited for small movement expansion joints, precast structures, parking lots and other types of concrete structures. They are compressed into a place and offer a comparatively flat profile surface. Adding to that, this can also reduce the hazards of tripping. Compression seal expansion joints can also perform the sealing of various types of expansion joints in bridges along with other structures. They are applicable for various constructive systems and they can also make way for watertight connections along with flexible anchoring. Along with that, this also allows for possible adjustment and good sealing profiles. The joint is appreciated for the self-debris which expels capability along with racking movement abilities. These joints are conventionally termed cellular or neoprene as both of them are installed with the use of a lubricant that can also work like an adhesive. The joints have been designed for allowing movements that are lesser than 2 1/2” and do not allow staged construction.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Fine quality
  • Resistance from water