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Contact Resistance Meter Distribution
SCOPE introduces its next generation of hugely popular CRM series contact resistance meter, CRM200B+ in all new super light avatar, based on cutting edge ultra capacitor technology. CRM incorporates some state of the art hardware & smart software features making it a must have tool for testing & maintenance engineers. CRM directly measures micro-ohm values at 200A DC under live EHV switchyard conditions quickly & accurately. It is specially designed to reliably measure micro-ohm contact resistances of Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Busbar joints, earth switch joints, welded joints etc., under the hostile electrostatic noise found in live EHV switchyards up-to 765 kV. SCOPE’s ability to make electronics work in such environment enables CRM to measure mili-volts signal in the presence of kilo-volts noise. CRM is equally suitable for MV / HV / EHV equipments and is very useful to Power Companies, Equipment Manufacturers, Testing & Commissioning Companies and Test Laboratories etc.


A radically new design makes CRM the lightest available contact resistance meter. Simultaneous & multiple samples of test current and voltage drop are taken at high speed using fast & high resolution ADCs. Resistance will be calculated by taking actual V/I ratio and averaging of individual samples giving stable & accurate results. It makes it independent of test current variations. Autoranging. Direct display of micro-ohm value does away with manual calculations. In built real time clock, memory and printer. Test time stamping on each record enables time references for future use. Fool-proof connections and repeatability are ensured by SCOPE’s specially designed proprietary Ck clamps. Supplied with rugged calibrated test lead set suitable for 4 wire measurement. Optimised test lead set design gives lengths enough for testing EHV CBs, yet are lightweight. Mains as well as battery operations Protection against battery deep discharge. Simple operation. Tests can be conducted even by technicians. Instrument is continuously available for measurements one after the other. No ON/OFF duty cycle. Enclosed in ultra rugged IP67 class hard moulded case. PC Downloading & Analysis including ‘Trend Analysis’ possible with “CData CRM+” Software supplied with kit. Instrument debug options like memory check, printer check, PC downloading check are provided.


Test Current = 200A plus. Peak Test Current will be decided by the load resistance, however 200A minimum is guaranteed Resistance Range = 0 - 200µΩ, 2000µΩ, 20mΩ, Auto ranging Resolution= 0.01µΩ, 0.1µΩ & 1µΩ for above range respectively Accuracy = Value ± 1% ± 1 Digit