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Crash Cushions are the impact-absorbing equipment which is installed at the dangerous places where cars crash the structures on the road, like the road junction, highway ramp. They are absorbing the impact energy of the car or correcting the direction of the car. It is the safest facility that makes the car return to the running lane safely. These Crash Cushion Systems are designed for protecting drivers in vehicles from 900kg to 1500kg from road hazards. These crash cushions have been tested in Europe as a redirective crash cushion to the maximum 100km/h using EN1317-3 standard. To fully comply with the definition of a System Type tested crash cushion, the Shindo CCS II has been further tested at 110km/h, 80km/h, and 50km/h. it is an EN1317-3 compliant redirective, bi-directional, non-gating, impact-absorbing crash cushion. Easy installation and maintenance with a simple structure that makes a partial replacement (Damaged segment only) possible after accidents. Our supplied products are available in Competitive price and nice design. They are manufactured using the most advanced range of technologies under the most state of the art facilities.