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Link Seals District Cooling Products

Link Seals form a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline casings. Besides being designed to form a hydrostatic seal of up to 40 PSIG and up to 92.28 ft. of head pressure, It help absorb vibrations, shocks, and sound waves.

Being non-conductive, electrically isolate the inner carrier pipe from the penetrated structure. With this being a desired property in many applications in preventing a shorting effect from stray currents, it is particularly useful in sealing the gap between electrical conduit and the outer conduit or between electrical conduit and the opening.

They are made from synthetic rubber with heavy-duty, UV and ozone resistant plastic pressure plates. It can be installed easily and quickly by one worker with no special tools required.


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Modular Mechanical Seal
  • Made from synthetic rubber & industrial strength pressure plates
  • Offered in 21 different sizes for all pipe diameters ranging from 1/2” to 144”
  • Positive hydrostatic sealing up to 2 bar
  • Increases the stability of the carrier pipe
  • Can be installed many times over the life of the installation
  • Help absorb vibrations, shocks and sound waves
  • Act a sound dampener and electrically isolate the inner/carrier pipe from the penetrated structure.