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Stainless Steel Expansion Joint District Cooling Products

Stainless Steel Expansion Joints are tailor made to suit each application / Requirement and would largely depend on the Movements (Axial / Lateral / Angular ) to be accommodated. They are available in any grade of Stainless steel based on the medium.

Based on the Requirement, it can be a single Bellow or made up of two bellows joined together by a central pipe and a system of tie rods able to withstand the thrust produced by the internal pressure.

The tie rods are provided in sets of two or more, equally distributed around the circumference of the expansion joint. When the Expansion Joint is supplied with 2 tie rods at 180 degrees, the expansion joint is free to deflect angularly and laterally. With three or more tie rods only lateral deflections are possible.

The amount of lateral deflection depends on the amount of angulation each bellows can absorb and the length or the central pipe. The amount of lateral deflection capability can be increased or decreased by simply changing the length of the spool pipe and the thermal expansion of the central pipe is taken by the bellows elements


  • Suitable for Axial, Lateral & Angular movements
  • Restrains pressure thrust
  • Different grades of Stainless steel
  • Plain or with Corrugation
  • End Connections Threaded or Butt welded or Flanged
  • Available for various Pressure rating