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Drainage Channels Civil Infrastructure
Drainage Channels Roads & Utilities

Our Drainage Channel system is composed of a vast range of gratings for all load classes (A15-F900), in accordance with European Standard EN1433. The available materials are: PE-HD, galvanized and stainless steel and nodular ductile iron. All the gratings are designed to obtain the maximum drainage efficiency for traffic and the passing of pedestrians and cyclists. The Drainage Channel can be supplied with all-ready mounted gratings.

The PE-HD (high density polythene) with which the Drainage Channels are manufactured renders it light and immune to climatic and chemical attack, guaranteeing the solidity and inalterability of its structure.

Our Drainage Channel System is composed of:
  • Channel body in PE-HD including containing edge of 3 mm depth.
  • Height of edge, 25 mm.
  • Can be used with PE-HD gratings
  • Extremely versatile, it is ideal for DIY, parking areas, parks and gardens, swimming pools and sporting installations.
  • Various systems for fastening gratings