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Our Slotted Surface Drains provide the most cost-effective and durable solution for heavy duty surface runoff.

Aluminium Horizontal Inlet:
  • Captures water over wide areas allowing one to reduce conveyance pipe size. This will result in shallower excavations to help reduce time of installation and cost for contractor
  • Allows for uniform construction which gives smoother driving surfaces in parking lots
  • Reduces spread which minimizes ponding of water along streets
  • Corrosive resistant
Integrated with HDPE Pipe:
  • Corrosive resistant to hundreds of chemical compounds
  • Lightweight - making transporting and handling safer and easier
  • Smooth inner walls allow for better transfer of debris, which reduces clogging
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  • Easier to handle during installation when compared to 20’ pipe sections
  • Smaller sections are easier to grade than 20’ pipe sections
  • Fewer joints than 8’ RCP, which helps reduce infiltration/exfiltration
  • HDPE pipe ranging from 4-36” can accommodate conveyance pipe needs determined for the project
  • Can be manufactured from 2.5-36” tall to comply with the final grade of a project
  • Slots can be ½” to 1 ¾” wide, which will accommodate inlet capacity needs

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